We Agree: Stop FEMA Now

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Dear Editor:

This letter is a vote of support and endorsement of “Stop FEMA Now” and George Kasimos in their efforts to create community awareness about the potentially devastating impact of the proposed new FEMA Flood Maps.

Together we share the goal of helping New York and New Jersey shore communities to rebuild following Super Storm Sandy.

Together we urge both FEMA and the federal government to take a more realistic approach to rebuilding our shore communities.

The goal of our West 12th Road Block Association here in Broad Channel, New York, is to both maintain and improve the quality of life for all our neighbors.

We are pleased to see a grassroots organization like “Stop FEMA Now” aiding us in achieving that goal.

Thank you. On behalf of the more than 100 members of the West 12th Road Block Association, Broad Channel. PETER J. MAHON

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