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This charming cocktail hat, found at www.weddingbeepro. com, will add a touch of vintage inspiration to any look.

This charming cocktail hat, found at www.weddingbeepro. com, will add a touch of vintage inspiration to any look.

Welcome back to The Style Insider. In this week’s issue, I am discussing the new, in style, accessories for spring and summer.

To me, an accessory is anything added to your outfit to make it dressier or to tone it down. This includes bags, jewelry, sunglasses, belts, scarves, hats, shoes, or anything you put in your hair such as a headband or hair clip. I reserved an entire column for bags and shoes, so I will only be discussing jewelry, sunglasses, belts, scarves, hats, and hair accessories.

Let’s start with belts. Belts can be worn with almost anything and are usually used to keep your pants up or define a waist when you’re wearing an a-line or tent dress. This season, belts are being used as both, but a thin belt is the best choice when wearing a dress, especially a sundress. Depending upon the style and color, you may want a basic black belt; but for spring and summer, I suggest a colorful belt, one that matches the dress. This creates a bolder and brighter look. No matter if you’re looking for a basic or fashion belt, the best belts can be found at www.belts.com. They offer men’s, women’s, and children’s belts in a variety of sizes at affordable prices.

Sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories. Not only are they personal and stylish, but they’re functional. My favorite pair right now is a fashionable pair by Jimmy Choo. I know that not everyone likes to wear sunglasses unless it’s summer and they are at the beach, but I’ll tell you about the new styles anyway. An oversized white frame is the hottest style for 2009. If oversized and white don’t cut it for you, try rimless aviator frames. They definitely offer a sportier look rather than a glamorous one. However, if you are all for the glamorous look, the flashy oversized frames are just for you. And I’m sure you’ve seen them before, whether on the run-way or on top of those famous celebrities’ heads, these flashy sunglasses include everything with big designer names decked out in rhinestones in every color imaginable.

Now I know what you’re thinking, why wear scarves in the spring and summer, right? Yes, but the kind about which I am talking can be worn all year long. The newest style of scarves includes the lightweight silk, jersey knit, linen, or polyester mix that can be put around your neck or even around your hair. The designs on these scarves include solid colors, floral patterns, fringed, multi-colored, stripes, and eccentric designs.

The best hats to wear in the heat are baseball hats, otherwise known as fitted hats. However, through my research, I found a style that is being brought back from the 1930s-1940s. That’s right, for those who remember, cocktail hats. Women wear these hats perched forward on the head, usually at a tilt over one eye. The hats usually have a veil that covers the face in whole or partially in order to provide a look that is feminine, seductive, and romantic.

Hair accessories can be difficult to choose because some are made just for long hair styles, while others work only for short hair styles. One of the newest hair accessories, the feather headband, can be worn in any length hair. This style made a quick appearance a couple of seasons ago, but it just recently began to flood the market. Another still-flourishing look is the braided head wrap. It became popular last season, but it is still popular and fashionistas still enjoy wearing them.

Jewelry is one of the most popular accessories that can be added to your wardrobe. It can make your outfit flashy with diamonds, add a touch of nature with beads and sea shells, and even make it classic with gold and silver. One of the best trends for spring 2009 is charms. Add charms to bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings, they offer individuality, originality and create a statement that is truly your own. Another popular trend is silver. Due to the down-spiraling economy, people cannot afford to buy gold and diamonds. So, what would make a great substitute? Silver! Designers are mixing silver with copper, brass, and other metals to create an affordable option. Another fabulous trend for 2009 is the natural look. Even though bright colors are still the favorite for spring, consumers still want that natural look. Beads and stones such as jade, turquoise, and coral are all a chic choice for anyone searching for that organic touch. Also, keep an eye out for botanical-looking jewelry, which includes leaf-shaped earrings and pendants and flower-shaped charms. They can add elegance to any look.

That’s all for this week, but make sure to look out for my next column in which I will discuss the best shoes for women in spring.

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