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Over the last few years, I have written multiple columns on social media. Since it is a fairly new medium in our society, many people are unsure about etiquette and rules. Many people ask me questions regarding all forms of social media.

A question that was recently asked of me was regarding Instagram. Instagram is a free photo sharing website. It is a bit different than Facebook where a user on Facebook can upload a whole album; Instagram is usually one photo at a time. So recently, a friend asked me, “What do you do when you have ‘liked’ a photo on Instagram and then you realize while scrolling down that the person who posted that picture has another 15 photos following?” My friend felt pressured to now like the next 15 photos. Technically, this use has broken an unwritten Instagram rule: do not post multiple pictures. If you would like to post an entire album from your recent vacation post it on Facebook. I told her she did not have to like all pictures that followed, but she felt pressured so she liked them all.

The above incident led me to have multiple discussions with both my daughters and my high school students regarding what I call: Psychological Warfare on Social Media.

One of my daughters told me that someone she knew broke up with her boyfriend because he did not like her “selfie,” and he liked someone else’s! (A selfie according to Oxforddictionaries.com is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.)

I once had a bit of insomnia and did not want to wake my husband with the television, so I was scrolling through social media at a very late hour. I received many text messages asking me why I was up so late, and what time did I get home? Now I am aware of the times of my likes due to the fact that I do not want people to say: Oh look what time Beth got in last night!

Another issue is when you like something that is not recent. I recently liked an old picture of my daughter’s and she asked me “Why are you creeping on me?” 1.Creeping means to me monitoring.

Creeping to teens means being in their business. 2. I apologized for creeping and now

I will not like or favorite anything that is not current.

With technology changing very quickly there are no guidelines or rules. We must figure them out as we go along. However here are a few guidelines: 1. Instagram: one pic at a time. If you want to post multiple pics, do it on

Facebook. 2. Do not like, re-tweet, or favorite older posts because people will know you have been creeping. 3. Be careful what time you post or comment on any social media outlet. Judgers will be analyzing your habits.

Have a great week everyone. Happy Veterans Day to all of our veterans and a special shout out to my father who proudly served in the Vietnam War. Thanks, Dad!

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