Shooting Suspects Nabbed

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Shots rang out in the cool of the night on the first Tuesday of the New Year, January 3.

“Was that my tire?’ asked the co-worker who offered this reporter a ride home. “No,” I said. “That’s a gunshot.”

The sirens of the police cars of the 101st Precinct pierced the night air as we continued driving.

According to police, at 5:45 p.m. a “shots fired” call came in. The incident occurred at 57-15 Shore Front Parkway, and the complainant reported that he was involved in an altercation with several males. One of the assailants was known to him, Quran Moore, who displayed a firearm. The complainant ran away from the scene of the altercation and that is when he heard one or two shots ring out. The three assailants began to pummel him, kicking and punching. During the fray, “the complainant’s iPhone was removed,” according to 101st Precinct commander Deputy Inspector Justin Lenz.

Lenz recently informed the 101st Precinct Community Council at its November meeting that shootings were down 40 percent and overall crime was down 13 percent. Year-to-date there had been a 3 percent decrease in overall crime.

“The perpetrators fled into 146 Beach 59th St. The security cameras provided clear video photography of the three perpetrators. They were apprehended without incident in the lobby; Quran Moore, 20 years old, Jaquel McKnight, 18 years old and Antwone known as “Adam” Jamison also 20 years old were arrested that night. There were no injuries and no property damage” said Lenz.

Working with a few leads that the perpetrators hid the firearm in one of the Ocean Village apartments, the detectives assigned to the case applied for a search warrant on Wednesday, Jan. 4. The warrant was granted and a Luger .380 semi-automatic weapon was removed from one of the apartments at 146 Beach 59th St. The three men who were arrested have been charged with robbery, criminal possession of a weapon and attempted assault of the 2nd degree.

“The case is still being investigated” said Lenz.

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