QIRT HS Teams Up With PSEG

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David Daly, President of PSEG, explains to students, the new engineering curriculum that will officially begin in the fall.

David Daly, President of PSEG, explains to students, the new engineering curriculum that will officially begin in the fall.

Students at Queens High School of Information, Research and Technology (QIRT) will now be able to learn more about a career in engineering, thanks to PSEG Long Island.

On Monday, May 1, at the QIRT High School auditorium, located in Far Rockaway, representatives from PSEG Long Island and QIRT High School faculty spoke to students about the new engineering curriculum that will be available to them in the upcoming fall semester. The new partnership will give students a chance to explore the field of engineering.

President of PSEG Long Island, David Daly, is excited about the new partnership and the opportunity to teach students about the engineering field.

“We really want to help young people to learn more about engineering and the sciences,” said Daly.

Daly, who began his career as an electrical engineer for PSEG, says that reaching out to the community is the best part of his job. He believes that by engaging students in the new curriculum, it can provide great opportunities for them once they graduate.

“We want to open their minds to the possibilities of a future path of success,” said Daly.

Through the program, PSEG will provide STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) related education to students in order to help them become prepared to study engineering in college. Students will not only learn the ins and outs of the engineering field of their choice, but they will also learn interpersonal skills and have exposure to internships.

QIRT Principal Carl Manolo is thrilled about the partnership, and is excited students will get to have a taste of the pilot program before the curriculum starts again in the fall.

“This is the pinnacle of what we want to do,” said Manolo. “We want to connect students with opportunities and see the jobs in the engineering field.”

Manolo believes that by introducing them to a program like this early on, they will not only learn about the engineering field, but they can establish relationships with their educators and use them as their mentors.

“Doors opened up for me with my mentors and they deserve that as well,” said Manolo.

Manolo and Daly agree that this new curriculum and partnership with PSEG will provide students with skills that will give them an edge up for when they start applying to college.

“By the time they leave for college, they will have all of these skills to succeed,” said Daly.

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