Opening The Sugar Bowl

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Under gloriously sunny skies, the Sugar Bowl in Breezy Point reopened in a new, resilient building.

Residents welcomed the reopening by congregating on the new front deck of the bar. The historic photo collages of summers past line the walls of the bar, and visitors were seen looking for glimpses of themselves in younger days.

In the three summers following Superstorm Sandy, the bar operated out of a temporary structure. The new building is elevated approximately eight feet, allowing for stunning views over the dunes to the ocean.

Serving frozens, wine and spirits, the bar also has a wide selection of craft and bottled beers, including Shock Top, Stone IPA and Big Wave. An adjoining kitchen will also be open soon, serving burgers, hot dogs and the famous Sugar Bowl fries.

A community mainstay for decades, the seasonal oceanfront bar will continue summer traditions of a 5k race, volleyball tournament, horseshoe tournament, and a darts league.







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