On The Beach…With Beverly Baxter

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Oh what a night! Rockaway-style! The 100 Precinct Community Council’s National Night Out Against Crime, held on Tuesday, August 3, was such a wonderful event as witnessed by the thousands who gathered and adorned our boardwalk to watch the fireworks by Grucci. For me, it’s an event comparable to none other and one that is the ultimate in community spirit at its best. From the “happening” over at the Beach Club with Carribbean-style raggae music to the spectacular show in the sky, congratulations to Palmer Doyle, the community council, the police officers of the 100 precinct, and to everyone who had a part in this successful and enjoyable event. It’s really what living in Rockaway is all about.

There ain’t no stoppin’ him now! Or ever! Say what you will; but for a man who doesn’t take himself at all seriously, you have to take him seriously! Democratic District Leader Lew Simon was having such a great time, that when the D.J played his campaign theme song, Lew got on the microphone and sang right along and along…God bless him! Even long after the throng of people had left the Beach Club parking lot, there was Lew still in all his glory! There ain’t no stoppin’ him! And that’s what makes him Lew!

Of course, and as always, the dynamic duo of 116 street, Steve and Kenny Good went over the top with the sensational job they did. They’re just a couple of great job who never tire of providing a great venue for many of our events. Thank you.

Barbara J. Morris, of West End Realty, and past president of the community council, did a terrific job, along with Lenny and Marilyn Kohn of Rockaway Graphics and Sandee Doremus and the countless others who worked on the raffle. The winners were Mrs. Nancy Woods, who won the BIG prize of

$2,000.; and since she had sold herself the ticket on behalf of the community council, she also won another $2,000. It couldn’t happen to a nicer lady!

Other winners of the evening were the Jimmy O’ Sullivan who won $250.; and since Nancy Woods had sold him the ticket, she won $250! Twenty-five dollar winners were Mary Beth Goldberg, Joanne Greenberg, Sanisha Bailey, the Savino Family, Barbara Fabry, Barbara Larkin, Jacqueline Hanlsman, Moldoban, Jimmy Holder, and Barbara J. Morris who donated her winnings back to the council.

And speaking of my friend Barbara Morris, West End Realty will be hosting their annual Sand Castle Contest on Saturday, August 14. Pre-registration begins at noon on the boardwalk at Beach 116 street and the contest will be held from 1 until 3 p.m. There will be trophies, t-shirts, gift certificates and other prizes. Since there will not be a street fair on Beach 116 street this summer; and nor will there be the Old-Fashioned Bathing Beauty Contest, please join that bathing beauty herself, Barbara J. Morris (she was the first year’s winner!), and spend a day building sand castles on the beach. Martin Ain tells me he will be participating as a judge; but don’t bother to bribe him–not even with all the sand and dunegrass on the beach!

Suave and talented actor Sal Trento, of the Rockaway Theatre Company, will lead a camp-fire sing-a-long at Floyd Bennett Field this Saturday night as part of an over-night camping celebration for the Junior Rangers, ages 7 through 12. Park Ranger Nacy Corona has worked with the children in environmental awareness in activities such as hiking and fishing in Jamaica Bay. The camp-fire sing-a-long will be held at the ecology village area of the field at 7 p.m.

**There will be a concelebrated memorial mass in rememberance of John F. Kennedy jr, his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and her sister, Lauren Bessett at St. Frances De Sales on Wednesday August 11 at 7 p.m. Monsignor Gerraghty will officiate the mass. There will be a full choir, the County Tyrone pipe band, and special readings. The memorial is being organized by Queens County Saint Patricks Day Parade Committee member Brian Heffernan, along with Michael A. Benn, Chairman, and James Conway Sullivan, President Emeritus. If you would like more information on this special mass, you may contact Brian at West End Realty.

**In the wake of the recent brutal stabbing attack on Rockaway Park resident Michael Reilly, a fundraiser is being planned on his behalf by Greg

Angelos and James Conway Sullivan. I hope and pray for your recovery, Michael–and that your assailant is caught and brought to justice.

**Congratulations to Beach 116 street beat Police Officer Danny O’Brien on his selection as 100 precinct “Cop of the Month”!

**Victoria George, the lovely and talented daughter of Joani and Richard George, will appear as Sister Hubert in the Rockaway Theatre Company- Peggy Page production of “Nunsense.” Her first lead in a musical, Victoria is taking her minor in Theatre at St. Peter’s College in Jersey City. The show opens on Friday August 6 and will run through August 28. Show times are Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and there will be a Sunday matinee on August 15.

**We live in a little paradise by the sea–we should never tire of the fact; nor become complacent; but rather, always appreciate where we live and all that each of us does to contribute to its beauty.

See you On The Beach!


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