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From The G-Man

Story Of Bullets And Boneheads

Hey people! Let me start by saying that the editor of this publication is off to a good start. I say this because of the outstanding editorial he wrote last week. After having a one on one with him, regarding how many people had stated to me that they felt The Wave was racist, any immediate concerns I had were dismissed by the end of our meeting.

I understood the position he took, and he understood why some people in the Black community felt this way. He also revealed to me that The Wave has reached out to a number of community representatives from Far Rockaway to address the alleged charge, but there was very little response. No one reached out to them when they attempted to set up community meetings to help them print positive stories about Far Rockaway. Even as I write this article, The Wave is still trying to set up these meetings.

The Wave has assured me that they intend to find a way to balance their crime story segments with the positive things that happen in Far Rockaway. Some of the Far Rockaway residents have to step up to the plate now. They can do this in two ways. First, bridge the gap between The Wave and Far Rockaway by relaying positive information about the area. The paper is more than willing to print good news about the community. Second, they need to come to the realization that if Black males, young and old, are stupid enough to choose a life of crime, instead of a life of struggling like the rest of us, they are going to be front page news! The more horrible the crime, the bigger the front page photo. It’s about choices people, and all too often these young thug wannabees make the wrong ones. In the end, we all suffer, no matter what color we are. We can’t have it both ways. Complaining about Black men on the front cover, when these jackasses do things, intentionally, to end up there. When I lost my "brother", I didn’t see a young, Black male as the murderer. I saw a heartless jackass!

Speaking of heartless jackasses, what the hell is going on in the Beach 40 street Housing Development? Bullets are tearing through people’s apartments like they were in Kosovo. Many have complained that kids, in their teens and early 20s are "bustin’ shots" from the roofs of buildings or nearby apartments. One woman was reading a bedtime story to her granddaughter, when a bullet came through the window. It just missed them. Now, every time shots ring out, this woman hits the floor in effort to escape the bullets. She has severely injured her back as a result.

A community meeting was held to address the problem, and I learned that after this meeting, people were approached by these neighborhood thugs and threatened with death. I have something to tell these clowns. I have contacted the Queens District Attorney’s office, the head detective for the Queens region and some Muslim "brothers". They have all assured me that whoever is responsible will be caught, and if anyone falls victim to your dumb ass antics, you will pay a heavy price. Oh, there is just one more thing I want to say to these jerks. You must be really tough to go around threatening elderly people and children. Let me tell you something you gun toting "turds". Without the gun, you’re nothing, and if I went one on one with you, I’d beat the snot out of each one of you! How dare you degrade our people and our history! You’d all better wake the hell up before a jail cell, or death, finds you. There is no life in the life of a thug. So, cut the crap, or you’ll end up on the front page like the other jackasses!

See you next week folks.

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