Meeks Should Work For Everyone

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Dear Editor:

I feel as if Congressman Meeks believes all his constituents are liberals and Democrats. He is supposed to work for all his constituents. To add a box on his survey that says, “Oppose Trump no matter what” is appalling to me. He is the President of the United States!! I do believe Meeks should remember he works for all his constituents not just the liberals and Democrats.

I would normally address him as Congressman Meeks but since he cannot always address the president as “President Trump,” I will address him in the same manner; by his last name.

Oh, how I wish they never redistricted our Congressional area, I feel as though I have no representation from Mr. Meeks. Although I can rest easy knowing for the next four years, the Republican Party won the presidency, the House and the Senate! God Bless America!


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