Local Among Honorees

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Direct Mail Manager Bettina McCullogh, a resident of Rockaway, was honored as an outstanding associate at SBLI USA Mutual Life Insurance Company, Inc.’s annual Recognition Gala on Saturday, January 25.

SBLI USA is one of the few financial services firms, which holds a Gala to applaud its employees and business partners.

The other outstanding associates were Manager of Business Planning and Development Melissa Couch, Forms Manager Lourdes Diaz, Senior Customer Service Specialist Irene Weiss, Computer Programming Project leader Deep Chakravarty, training Coordinator Chris Ayala, facilities Associate Maria Valencia, as well as Amilbia Agudelo.

SBL USA presented its Goodwill Ambassador Award to former President Jimmy Carter, winner of the 2002 Nobel peace Prize.

The company also presented its highest award, the Brandeis Award, to Customer Service Agent Amilbia Agudelo. The award is named for former Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandies who inspired the company’s mission of providing affordable life insurance products to America’s working men and women.

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