“Kinks” In Select Bus Service

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Dear Editor:

I’m a firm believer that our city and its different agencies’ planned projects sometimes have “kinks.” This was a statement made at a community meeting last week by a resident of Rockaway regarding Select Bus Service (SBS).

“It can work and it will work, of course with everything that’s new you’re going to have some ‘kinks,’ that you got to work out, bring it on.”

When the city puts this SBS plan forward — which they made perfectly clear they are, despite the area’s objections — my question and concerns are, do we put people in danger first then work out these so called “kinks”?

I just don’t get it. Forcing our seniors and disabled to go further to reach another bus stop especially with the winter’s snow and ice makes no sense whatsoever.

Let’s also not forget the overcrowding of our school children which now unfortunately will take place at certain bus stops due to the SBS plan and its removal of some bus stops.

I would also like to know what city engineers came up with this “Brainiac” idea of removing traffic lanes. I call this added congestion no help to anyone on Woodhaven/Cross Bay boulevards by which I and many others often travel on now and experience heavy traffic delays. We have to ask ourselves is this called progress. I know we all want and need more options and better transportation for our cars, buses and trains including pedestrian safety, so my suggestion is that the city, MTA and DOT go back to their drawing boards on this SBS plan and think of SAFETY FIRST then the improvement and reliability of all our transportation needs.


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