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We’re Jen Font de Bon & Kenny Peña, certified trainers, spinning instructors and nutrition nuts from Suncycle Studios. Our goal is to help people reach theirs. We promote physical, mental and emotional health, aiding others in finding and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

You made the commitment to get in shape. For the past few weeks you’ve been watching your diet, drinking more water, exercising regularly, and staying active in your daily routine. Maybe you’ve noticed results, or perhaps it’s taking longer than you imagined. The best thing you can do is continue to educate yourself and stick with it! Being fit and healthy doesn’t happen overnight; it comes from positive lifestyle changes, moderation, and consistency. A heart rate monitor watch is a great tool to help you stay motivated and track results! The following are some of the benefits of using a heart rate monitor device:

 YOUR GOALS. Whether the objective is to control your weight, build endurance, sculpt muscle, strengthen your heart, lower stress, or simply upkeep a healthy lifestyle, a heart rate monitor watch can guide you in finding the correct pace and intensity of exercise needed to reach your goals.

 LOSE WEIGHT EFFECTIVELY. Burn fat by increasing your heart rate to 70% of its maximum for at least 30 minutes. Also, incorporate short bursts of more intense exercise that sends your heart rate up to 90% of its maximum. This will ensure that you’re burning fat and not just the carbohydrates you consumed earlier in the day.

 TRACK FITNESS GAINS. Count calories, record distance, and track pace with a heart rate monitor watch. The little things add up. Walk to the store instead driving or push a little harder in spin class, then check your watch to immediately see the extra calories you just burned.

 STAY DISCIPLINED. Use a heart rate monitor watch as your own personal coach. Set it to beep when you’re working out below your ideal intensity level so that you can instantly amp up the energy and improve your performance.

 MONITOR YOUR HEALTH. A heart rate monitor watch can help you detect health problems. For example, if your heart rate shoots up when performing light exercises, it could be a sign of a serious health problem and your cue to see a doctor.

 AN ACCURATE AND COMFORTABLE TOOL. A heart rate monitor watch will help you work out more efficiently and there are no uncomfortable chest straps necessary. Sensors are built into the watch, so the only device you need fits comfortably around your wrist!

 FIND THE ONE THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU! Research different brands and models to find the heart rate monitor that’s best for you. Feel free to stop by Suncycle Studios for recommendations and further information.

Questions, comments? E-mail us @ admin@suncyclestudios.com, call 718- 318-3410, or stop by Suncycle Studios, 137 Beach 116th Street, to talk in person.

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