It’s My Turn

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Culinary Kids Culinary Arts Initiatives, for the record did not collaborate nor was privy to the Williams grant that Rockaway Youth Task Force applied for — under the guise of Farm Rockaway — nor did we receive any funding from the Rockaway Youth Task Force pertaining to the grant.

The term “Farm Rockaway” is copy written in one of our volumes at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC as one of the subsidiaries of Culinary Kids Culinary Arts Initiatives Inc.

It is really quite alarming when a politically-backed organization has to stoop to such subtle lengths and depths to their strategic approach to duplicate our services.

Our question is this, “Where are the checks and balances to govern such unethical business practices on the Rockaway peninsula?” As we already know, how “hated” politically we are on the East end of the Rockaway peninsula; we innately know that certain things you just don’t do-common sense!

Farm Rockaway and Culinary Kids Culinary Arts Initiatives Inc. did not authorize, have foreknowledge, participate in, benefit from, cooperate, collaborate or partner with ANY thing that has to do with the unsustainable practices of hydro-fracking.

I am writing in response to the Wave article from the press release sent from Assemblyman Phillip Goldfeder’s office which was dated Jan. 30, 2015 on pages 28 and 41.

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