How To Get Your Flowers to be Bright Green for your Saint Patrick’s Celebration

Diary Of A Green Thumb

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The big St. Patrick’s Day parade is approaching this Saturday. An annual event in the Rockaways, it attracts big crowds up to 50,000 on a warm March afternoon. Ah, and there’s plenty of bagpipe music. As we all get out to enjoy and learn why the Rockaways were once referred to as the Irish Riviera, show your support by coming to the parade.

The day will start with a Mass for Peace and Justice in Ireland at St. Francis de Sales Church, located at Beach 129th Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard. The parade itself will begin at 1 p.m. at Beach 130th Street and Newport Avenue.

Danielle’s Rockaway Florist located at 436 Beach 129th St., will be offering green stem dyed carnation bouquets. We also carry a variety of different novelty items, Irish themed containers, plaques and signs to decorate your home. Beautiful whimsical silk arrangements for the holiday are also offered here at your local florist. Some of our customers order fresh cut arrangements to use as centerpieces for their special St. Patrick’s Day get together that includes both natural green and stem dyed green flowers.

At one time or another, elementary school students are asked to do an annual science project in which some choose to do exactyly that! But what is the actual science behind dyeing these stems? What is the best, most effective way to dye these flowers?

There are a few different ways. The most popular flowers that are dyed are carnations, roses, daisies, orchids and mums. For best results, fresh cut flowers that still need to drink are the best. Using warm water will help the color travel faster and concentrated food coloring will get the most vibrant color. Thirsty flowers will drink the colored water which travels up the stems and fills the petals. The longer you leave the flowers in the dye solution the more intense the color will be. To keep your flowers looking fresh for the longest amount of time they should be cut again after drinking the dye and put in fresh clean water.

For special orders we will sometimes purchase stem dyed roses. Customers often request blue roses or Rainbow roses where the petals are multicolored. The growers use a special process in which the dye is injected into the stems with syringes. They fill syringes with pure concentrated color and inject it into the stems six inches from the rose bud while still in the ground. For multiple colored roses, different colors are injected in a ring around the stem so as it drinks the color up into the head of the flower, each petal takes on a different color. It usually takes seven days for the color to saturate the rose bud petals.

Any way you slice it, the beauty of flowers can be used to decorate for a special event of any color scheme and though there are many natural green flowers, they tend to be more of a lime color – so for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration stop in and pick up a bouquet of stem dyed flowers for a brighter, more festive, green centerpiece for your table!

Visit us on the web at www.DaniellesRockawayFlorist.co m or at 436 Beach 129th St.

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