Food For Jesus

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Pastors Rene and Rick Gambol

Pastors Rene and Rick Gambol

Usually when people want to eat breakfast, they either make it at home or go to the nearest diner. But, on Saturday, Nov. 17, members of the Faith Center had other plans.

Led by Pastor Renee Gambol, along with her husband Rick Gambol, the Faith Center hosted a “Women’s Prayer Breakfast” in Far Rockaway.

The “ Women’s Prayer Breakfast” is a way to give back to the community, while also introducing participants to “the power of Jesus,” as Gambol put it.

“We have people that just want to eat, which is fine. We’ve done that many times. We just feed them and then they go home,” Renee Gambol said. “We just know that one day they will realize that God loved them so much that he made provisions for them.”

With the help of family members and a couple of volunteers from the church, Renee hopes that people will open their hearts for Jesus, while eating some delicious meals.

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