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Don’t you love it when the temperature and humidity dip upward, when you and everything around you is basically melting like wax and someone cleverly says, “Is it hot enough for you?”

I always say, “No. Not really. In fact I was hoping it would be much hotter than this. I am so disappointed.” Then again, I was raised by wisenheimers.

For years I thought our family was German, because people kept referring to us by a name that sounded a lot like ‘Weiss-ass.’

What’s happening in the Channel this week? Mardi Gras continues with BCAC Family Bingo this Wednesday, Aug. 26.

Get ready for Aug. 29! The Amazing Race and the Children’s Scavenger Hunt are on! Both will start at the BCAC Field.

Amazing Race contestants ages 12 to 16 will pair up in teams of two. They’ll face challenges at different locations throughout the Channel. The first place team wins $100. The second place wins $50!

Registration is at 10 a.m. at the field and the race starts at noon. It’s $15 per kid, which includes refreshments.

Be at the field at 11:30 a.m. as the Children’s Scavenger Hunt kicks off. They will race around the field to find items of interest. It’s for children 11 and under, $5 per child and every kid gets a prize.

Both events sound like a blast! You might want to come out just to cheer everyone on. All proceeds go to the Broad Channel Athletic Club and are leading up to the great big Mardi Gras weekend from Sept 4 to 7. Think of this summer as one big piñata- just full of fun and surprises.

Get more info on what the BCAC has planned next by going to www.bcacshamrocks. weebly.com. Oh, and contact them now to get your ticket for the official $10K Raffle!

Hope everyone enjoyed the VFW Barbecue last weekend, as well as the BCAC hosted trip to the Brooklyn Cyclones game.

“There is no place like home.” This week marks exactly two years since I moved back into the Channel. I was displaced and on the go for almost a year after the hurricane. Every day I step out of my door, breathe in the Channel air and feel so blessed to be here. This is my home.

And in case I forget that, I have to thank Dorothy Fraher for her thoughtfulness and for a small memento to make sure that I always remember.

By the way, I know it was probably unofficial, but who moved the “EZ Pass Keep Left” sign from the median strip two blocks before the bridge? It helped!

Saint Virgilius News: There will be a 100th Anniversary Planning Meeting for St. Virgilius on Sept. 1 at the church at 7:30 p.m. They are also looking for photos that cover those 100 years.

Registration for CCD classes is now underway. Children, beginning in the first grade, are encouraged to register now. There is No Fee. According to Father Richard Ahlemeyer, “Classes are still in St. Camillus Catholic Academy until we rebuild at B.C. (waiting on FEMA!)” on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Classes begin Sep. 9. Call 718-634-8229.

Registrations for St. Camillus Catholic Academy (free UPK to Grade 8) are still being accepted. The School Office is open from Monday to Friday: 9 am to 12 Noon. Please call 718-634-5260.

As long as you’re on September on the calendar, turn a page and write this down. The 3rd Annual American Ladies Auxiliary Halloween Party is on Oct. 24. More details to come. Start planning your costume!

Thank you to Dan Mundy, Ed Wilmarth, Steve Hawk, Dorothy Fraher, Father Ritchie and all those who will remind that I forgot to mention them, for helping to pinpoint the former location of Weiss’ Restaurant in BC.

One of the best emails I got was from Ann Lundon. She said, “My family lived across the street from Weiss’, which was situated where the 17th Road Park and Library are located.”

“Weiss’ had a very large open seating area; the walls facing Cross Bay Boulevard opened when the weather permitted. And the counter service served hot dogs, burgers, fries, chow mein sandwiches (yes!) In fact this was my mom, Ann Kinneary’s favorite item. (They also had) soft ice cream and I do believe there was also a seafood section.

“There was also a main dining room with waiter service and valet parking. The parking lot was extremely large. Weiss’ took up the entire area between 16th and 17th roads, except for a bar that was located on the corner of 16th Road, which when I was growing up was called Marvin’s.”

Once again we are saying good bye to a Broad Channel friend and neighbor. Viola Barr died on Aug. 12, at age 90. She was a business owner, a member of the Broad Channel Seniors, and a deacon and congregation member at Christ Presbyterian by the Sea Church. I was speaking to someone outside of Hillenbrand’s at the afternoon wake. She said, “She had a good life, a good long life.” And we agreed we should all be so lucky to be so well regarded and loved at the end of our own days.

There will be a place in our community which Viola is missing from. But there will be a wealth of loving memories which will bind her to her neighbors, friends, family and Broad Channel forever.

Anybody know how many boats there are in BC? Send to Workingstories @aol.com. Thanks for reading!

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