Beryl Grant

Brookhaven HRF

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Beryl “Dandy” Grant, a Brookhaven HRF worker, died on February 18th at age 86.

A Rockaway resident for more than 45 years, Grant is preceded in death by her son, Michael.

She is survived by her husband, Gerald Grant; sons, Adolphus (Murph), Alfred (Junior) and Garrick (Collie); daughters-in-law, Angela, Olwyn (Blossom), Marlene, Philane and Janet; grandchildren, Latoya, Shawn, Jason, Angelica, Richard, Shadea, Theo, Jaleel, Jermaine, Darnell, Jamel, Jenna,

Anthony, John, Kashawn, Tandajia, Nikkeya, Marcus Thompson, Anton Malik and Jenaya; stepchildren, Roy, Cynthia, Beverly, Hyacinth and Anne Marie.

She also leaves behind her best friend and sister, Jestina, Denise, a special son, Andrew, Clive and a host of other family and friends.

Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Jeremiah C. Gaffney’s Funeral Home in Inwood, NY.

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