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So here we are, Election Day is right around the corner. I hope we have all decided to make the right choice. It shouldn’t be that hard of a decision to make.

On the one hand you have Mr. Trump; on the other hand we have Mrs. Clinton. For the record I’m not a big fan of either. It’s like choosing going before a firing squad or getting your hand chopped off. I’m pretty sure most of us would rather lose a hand than our life.

That being said, I enjoyed flipping through last week’s paper. I was caught off guard by Mr. Scott’s column. I thought I was the only one that was allowed to play the race card. After reading it was quite clear that we see many things alike.

I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t invited to the Far Rockaway debate. It would have been nice to hear first-hand what the candidates have to offer. As a contributor, I take the liberty given to me to kind of blaze my own path. I hope that I keep things interesting and relevant. I pray that I am able to take all that I have learned and experienced and evolve into that person that the Good Lord created me to be. So, that being said, I am sickened by the rise and recent acts of violence that have been perpetrated against seniors across the city. I was taught to respect and honor those who have reached this phase of life. I think it’s time that we really start to take a step back and decide what direction we are taking as a nation. When we allow our seniors to become attacked and robbed without any recourse, we are sliding down a dark and hopeless path.

Here I go talking about how I was raised. If you do not respect your elders, than whom do you respect?

I had a conversation with my cousin recently. He always seems to hit the nail on the head when it comes to telling me what I need to hear. In a nutshell, as men we must take time every now and then and grade ourselves; a sort of manhood report card. He told me “Yassha,” – as he calls me – “You have been a pretty good father, but you need to be a better man.” When he said it I knew exactly what he was talking about. As men we have many hats to wear; father, husband, provider, leader, protector and visionary. You see, it is time to grow up; it is time to stop talking about it and be about it.

We are living in a dangerous time. You can gauge the level of manhood by the state of your community. There is a saying either you stand for something or fall for anything. Which one will you choose? Thank you and keep reading The Wave.

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