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Memorial Day, A Time For Celebration A Time for Reflection

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Greetings. I hope all is well and that these lines find you and your family in the best of health.

This Memorial Day weekend many will dig out those old grills and officially kick off summer.

As I thought about what to share this week many things came to mind. I decided to remember someone special. The woman who gave everything she had to offer, my mother, Elder Shelia Shivers. I know it’s not Mother’s Day but every time I sit in front of this laptop and strike these keys I can see her face.

My mother was a big woman, not just in a physical sense but in the spirit. As a child I was ashamed and was teased about my mom and her size for many years. When I got older I came to know who and what she was, a brilliant woman. One of her greatest talents was singing. She loved her family and church and she always put God first.

My mom worked for years at Rockaway Home Attendants Services. She helped many people find work. She helped feed a lot of families. She took her calling seriously. The church that she established with my father, Wings of Faith Outreach Ministries, is still going strong today. It is from her that many gained a love for writing.

The bible says that your gifts will make room for you. This year that has become my reality. Aside from the opportunity that this paper has given me, I have embarked on another journey. This year I released my first project as an artist. The title of my CD is, “Prayers of my Mother.” Stay tuned for upcoming performances.

Many things have taken place this year and I have a lot to be thankful for. This weekend when I sit down and enjoy some Southern style barbecue I will set a plate aside for my mother, the one who gave me life and blessed me with this gift. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email me at shiverswave@gmail.com

Have a great weekend, don’t drink and drive, and while waiting for those burgers don’t forget to read The Wave.

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