A Bigger Boat?

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Dear Editor:

In last week’s edition of The Wave newspaper, a Rockaway resident mentioned in their letter the need of a bigger ferry boat for the summer weekend traffic.

For those who did not attend a Transportation Committee meeting held this past November at the Knights of Columbus Hall, here’s some information.

In attendance was Hornblower’s Vice President Cameron Clark of Development and Special Projects speaking on behalf of their ferry service for Rockaway. A question was asked by the public about enough room on the ferry since the capacity was 149 passengers. Hornblower spokesperson Mr. Clark replied, they have 120 vessels, they have a 400- passenger boat not dedicated for this purpose but if they needed, they have the capability to bring to this fleet. They also said their dispatch section would closely monitor operations and would make necessary changes to improve operations.

As said in last week’s letter, Rockaway is so pleased and anxiously awaiting our new ferry service. I say, continuing a good working relationship with Hornblower, New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and the people of Rockaway can be a big plus and a nice benefit for all.


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