2011 Rockaway Sex Offenders

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The number of registered sex offenders living on the Rockaway peninsula increased 10 percent from this time last year. As of November 18, 2011, a total of 66 registered sex offenders currently reside on the Rockaway peninsula. The list is provided by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, which maintains a public online database of all criminals convicted of sex-related crimes. The number is up from 60 this time last year.

Many of the criminals on the list were convicted of rape and various other types of sexual assault and abuse of both children and adults.

The 66 moderate-to-high-risk sexual predators are mostly men and span the entire Rockaway peninsula, but according to the list 70 percent of the 66 sex offenders reside in zip code 11691.

The Wave has compiled a complete photo list of Level 2 and 3 sex offenders from the agency’s website. That database provides a directory for each of the Rockaway zip codes, which lists not only the names of the criminals, but also their risk levels, aliases, filed addresses, and conviction and victim information. There are 23 new sex offenders that have recently moved onto the peninsula, while another 17 from last year’s list have moved elsewhere. The number of Level 3 offenders however, has decreased slightly to 44 percent from last year’s 50 percent. Level 3 means that the courts have determined they present the highest risk to society to re-commit the sex-related crimes of which they have been convicted. In addition to the 29 highest-risk offenders, Rockaway is also home to another 37 men who are classified at Level 2, which means they continue to present a moderate risk to commit sexual offenses again, but are not deemed to be as dangerous to the community as Level 3 offenders.

In many cases throughout New York, the victim is a minor and in Rockaway it is no different, as at least 73 percent of the convicted sex offenders on our list have committed sexrelated crimes on children 17 years or younger. Some ages are undisclosed for a victim’s protection.

Readers of The Wave should know that state and local law enforcement authorities, including the 100 and 101 Precincts in Rockaway, monitor convicted sex offenders and the NYPD has a unit committed solely to this task. Information on New York State’s Level 2 and 3 sex offenders is available online and can be located according to zip code. The state has made this information available due to the risk these offenders present to the community. However, locating Level 1 offenders, who are deemed low-risk, still requires the offender’s name, a specific address or other confidential information such as a Social Security number, in order to have them located. Information on state-wide sex offenders is available free of charge on the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services website, www.CriminalJustice.State.NY.US or by calling 800-262-3257. The state now provides email or text message updates when a new sex offender moves into a particular community. See pages 54-57.



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