Gotham Baseball

Square Peg At Third Base

According to the Ultimate Mets Database (an excellent source of information), 175 players have manned third base in the history of the franchise. Thirty-five years ago, Mets fans were treated to a special song about the Mets third base woes in the “An Amazing Era” Mets history video commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Mets. Linz, Mantilla, part of the […]

“We’ll Run It Back”

Jorge Masvidal seeks to avenge last year’s loss and capture the welterweight title

Fans are gearing up for fireworks this weekend, as welterweight champ Kamaru Usman looks to defend his title against Miami’s Jorge Masvidal. This will be the second time that Usman has defended his title against Masvidal and his fourth defense overall. Masvidal, for his part, is looking to avenge his defeat last July, when he stepped into the cage on […]

Letters 4-23-21

Confused About Boardwalk Rules Dear Editor, Recently I read an article in The Wave stating that motorized bicycles are allowed on the cement promenade as long as they have pedals. This is very confusing news because the signs that are posted on the railings say “Rules Prohibit… Unauthorized motorized vehicles and ATV’s.” So I understand that a bicycle with a […]

Landowner Wants Derelict Barges Booted From The Bay

Abandoned boats are littering his property

  John Smiley has big plans for the waterfront property he purchased last year at the end of Amstel Boulevard in Arverne–a new restaurant with sweeping views of the bay, a dock where patrons can pull-up in their boats to dine and maybe even a jet ski rental business. But the Rockaway landowner says none of that is possible until […]

“A Welcome Sight”

New sign at Rogers Pub brightens up Beach 116th Street

A new sign outside of Rogers Pub on Beach 116th Street brings the final touch to the much-anticipated facelift of the 102-year-old establishment, capping off a project that saw the old watering hole given new life with a completely new interior, outdoor seating area, and fresh brick facade.  “The sign was designed by my wife, Karen and we are so […]

9/11 History For Sale

Administration set to give hero Coast Guard ship to Indonesia

On the morning of September 11, 2001, the USCGC Adak was undergoing repairs at Coast Guard Station Sandy Hook when the first plane slammed into the World Trade Center. Almost immediately, Lieutenant Sean MacKenzie, a 1992 Coast Guard Academy graduate, ordered the 110’ Island-class cutter into action, commanding his Electrician’s Mate First Class Juan Vasquez to jury rig the steering […]

A Step Towards Normalcy

City restaurants and bars given green light to stay open until midnight, but many say more must be done

Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that, as of Monday, April 19, bars and restaurants across the state can remain open until midnight, and catered events can go on until 1am. The move has been hailed by many restaurateurs as a victory and a step in the right direction towards getting back to pre-pandemic life, but it stops short of giving […]

Redfern Game Day

The 101st Precinct’s Pop Up With A Cop comes to Redfern

The Far Rockaway Community Engagement Team’s Pop Up With A Cop event made its way to the Redfern Houses last week, setting up shop on April 14 and allowing locals to interact with police officers for a day of fun, games, music, and food. Officers of the 101st Precinct’s Community Affairs and Youth Coordination units partnered up with Rock Safe […]


Charles Jacobs: Owner Of The DredSurfer Grill

Sixteen years ago Charles Jacobs crossed the bridge into Far Rockaway and never looked back. He left the Bronx behind for a beachfront home in Arverne, quit his job as a controller at a Brooklyn shipping company and bought a boardwalk food truck where he sold hot dogs and hamburgers that he cooked on a George Foreman Grill. “I wanted […]

Profile of an Artist: Mel Rule

Mel Rule was always into music, but didn’t take rap seriously at the start. It was something he felt just came naturally to him. “It was just something we knew how to do,” he said. “We just knew how to rap.” Growing up in Far Rockaway’s Redfern Houses, rapper Mel Rule said he and his friends used to hang out […]