Children, COVID, Checkups And Routine Vaccinations

As a pediatrician, I am well aware of the fear parents have of sitting in a packed waiting room possibly exposing their children to the general public during this pandemic. While children are at risk for COVID-19, most of them will fare well and usually have milder symptoms. Unfortunately, the fear caused by the pandemic has led to thousands of […]

Gotham Gridiron

By beating the L.A. Rams, the New York Jets took themselves out of the running for the No. 1 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft and a shot at Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who most believe is the best signal-caller to come out of the draft in a decade. Most Jets fans couldn’t believe the outcome and were very honest […]

The Glorified Tomato

Salmon And Tomatoes In Foil

Several months back I treated myself to a weekend subscription to the New York Times. It’s taking over my physical world. I want to read and look through every page so I’ve been saving the sections I don’t get to every week. It’s piling up. The paper has effectively taken over my dining room table and now has expanded to […]

Real Estate Corner

You Get What You Pay For 

One of my friends, who doesn’t live in Rockaway, went through a major renovation two years ago. My friend interviewed at least three general contractors before choosing the cheapest one. The winning contractor had the best sales pitch. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the best choice. The project was a nightmare for the homeowner. The general contractor made many errors such as: […]

Rockaway Fishing Report

I guess everyone’s chomping at the bit, trying to get over cabin fever. This warm spell should get the fish on the move. Bunker schools reported off of the Jersey coast means that fish won’t be far behind. If the weather holds, we’ll be into fish from the get go. Some bass already landed by back bay surfcasters in Raritan […]

The Financial Wave


The media coverage of the GameStop Corp (GME) stock trading fiasco grabbed the attention of Wall Street, the public, regulators, and politicians alike!  GameStop is a video game retailer whose stores can be seen in shopping and strip malls.  What happened to GME may morph into new investor strategies, a new way of uniting litigants, new regulations and increased executive […]

Sullivan’s Stories


Bathing suit shopping is stressful, and it’s weeks away. This is the time of year when people start looking for ways to get healthy and become more fit. The boardwalk is great for fitness because it accommodates all sorts of physical activities. You can walk, run or bike the five-mile stretch at any time and it’s always FREE. The scenery […]

Rockaway Home Buyers

Valhalla Medics