The Glorified Tomato

Easy Chinese Eggplant With Garlic Sauce

I’m in Key Food and I spot these gorgeous, bright purple Chinese eggplants. I had to buy them simply for their beauty. I had no recipe in mind but I knew I’d figure something out.  Oftentimes that’s actually how I shop. I pick the best produce by sight and touch. It’s a fun little challenge too – figuring out what […]

The Financial Wave

7 Tips to get a Bigger & Faster Tax Refund

It is tax time!  If it seems like you just did your taxes, it is true, as many of us filed for extensions last year.  This year could be a little different, as the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is backlogged with almost 10 million unprocessed 2019 returns.  The IRS has delayed until February 12th (2 weeks later than last year) […]

SIT With John Roberts

Your Maximum Mind, Principle of the Relaxation Response, Part 3

The Relaxation Response (12/6/19) is the first step in making self – help programs work successfully. It is a form of Western Meditation with a Phase 2 spiritual component. It incorporates lifestyle strategies such as: Prayer, Gratitude, Volunteering, Empathy, Compassion, and even sports, athletics, exercise, and Yoga. It includes but is not limited to running, swimming and other sport activities. […]

The Hero Of Rockaway

Real Estate Corner

By Robin Shapiro

Every January, the NYC Department of Finance mails property owners a “Notice of Property Value” which may be INACCURATE. This notice provides an ESTIMATE of your property’s market value (among other things). It values one, two, and three family homes based upon sales of “similar” properties. HOWEVER the City does not inspect your home:  The City does not take into […]

Rockaway Fishing Report

I’m going to preface today’s column by thanking all of the readers who commented and highlighted my tribute/memory of Bobby Maier. The saying “time and tide wait for no one” resonates and at times haunts me as we go through a fisherman’s journey. Fishermen are by nature eternal optimists if not spiritual in nature. Oddly the lion share of the […]

Simon Says

 On Jan. 31, it will be 25 years, a quarter century since my mom Jennie passed away and became an angel in heaven. My mom was not just my mom, she was my best friend and my biggest advocate. She taught me how to stand up for what I believe in, be kind, and never forget where I came from. […]

Real Estate Update

National Housing Update

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) released data on January 22nd which showed that sales of previously owned homes rose in December by almost 1 percent from November. This was unexpected due to the winter season which is usually slower. The median sales price rose almost 13 percent in December from a year ago to 310k approximately. Inventory declined by […]

WFAN’s JJ Is Beyond The Dark

Can Watson Fantasy Become Jets New Reality?

The New York Jets have been a franchise searching for an identity since the days of Rex Ryan. Since the Jets last trip to the postseason in 2011, their identity has been losing and losing consistently. The franchise hopes that brighter days are ahead and it’s very easy to buy that hope with new head coach Robert Saleh. Saleh is fiery, passionate, […]

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