04-17-2020 E-Edition

The Hero Of Rockaway

The Family Daffodil Window Project

By Elizabeth Welsome, Principal, Jodi Heywood, and Danielle Pomerantz, PTA Presidents, PS/MS 114Q the Belle Harbor School

  As PS/MS 114 has successfully transitioned to remote learning in the past three weeks, we have strived to create a continued sense of community that is always an essential part of our school culture amongst our staff, students and families.  Through our online platforms, we have created a multitude of ways to keep our students and their teachers engaged, […]

Signs of Hope

Rockaway communities rally for hope during quarantine

Right now we must remember to lean into the good. That’s the message shared from the non-profit, Stars of Hope. The stars made their debut throughout the Rockaways in the days following Sandy and have quietly reemerged on light poles and other public objects as the government instituted PAUSE. Our shore communities became emblematic of being stronger than the storm […]


Councilman Bob Holden demands investigation into DOE Coronavirus response

Councilman Bob Holden blasted the Department of Education’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, demanding an investigation be carried out to hold those responsible for the deaths of at least 21 educators accountable for their actions. “Devastated to learn that so many of our city’s valued DOE staff fell victim to this terrible virus. We all mourn for them, and we […]

Indeed, The Easter Bunny Came To Town

Not even a pandemic could stop these heartwarming hare helpers

Many Easter traditions were ultimately reworked on April 12. In Rome, Pope Francis celebrated Easter Mass inside the largely vacant basilica; while the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, held Britain’s first national digital Easter Sunday service from his kitchen in London. On 5th Avenue in New York City, there was no Easter Parade, no crowds with decorated bonnets.  Even in […]

Murder In Far Rockaway

Officers from the 101st Precinct were called to the scene of a homicide this week after a body was discovered sprawled on the pavement at Grassmere Terrace and Regina Ave at around 1:30 p.m. on April 15.  Upon arrival at the scene, police and emergency medical personnel recovered the body of a 34-year-old male with multiple gunshot wounds to his […]

Designer In The City

Produce Landscape Design

Hello Beautiful Rockaway! For those of us with the luxury of having personal outdoor space, now more than ever is the time to plant with purpose. For those of us who are working with no outdoor space, consider what you can grow on a balcony, or on a sunlit windowsill. I recently decided to use my limited outdoor space to […]


From The Lawyer’s Briefcase

How does the new Elevator Law protect the public?

It is without question that millions of people in the State of New York are required to ride elevators multiple times a day. For those New Yorkers, elevators are an everyday part of the normal routine of their life. While elevators are generally safe for everyone and will not raise any safety concerns, last year a tragic accident took place […]


RBBC Presents: Psycho Pat

The Rockaway Beach Broadcasting Company is a DIY internet radio station founded in August of 2018 by Rockaway locals Frisco Granda, Max Power, and Bryan Doremus. Since its inception, RBBC’s goal has been to give artists, musicians, and small business owners a platform to share their stories with Rockaway and the rest of New York City. Psycho Pat It looks […]