Rockaway Outdoors

I took a ride up Cross Bay Boulevard this past week and couldn’t believe the amount of anglers fishing from shore. Odd but maybe not so much, as people gravitate to water at times like this. I guess the salt air, breeze off the bay and the hope of catching a fish helps us cope with the current state we […]

WFAN’s JJ Is Beyond The Dark

Feeling Nostalgic Part 1 

Almost a month into our nationwide lockdown, I’ve found myself feeling all sorts of nostalgia remembering a bunch of old games and moments. I’m sure it’s a direct result of a memory that leads to great success long term and not a whole lot of success remembering to do a chore or what I ate on that given day.  I’ve […]

Gotham Baseball

Trading Scott Kazmir 

”That kid has an arm like a thunderbolt,” – former Mets pitcher Scott Strickland When the New York Mets traded then-top prospect, Scott Kazmir, in 2004, it not only changed the course of his career, it started a chain reaction throughout the Mets organization.  It also helped spark the beginning of a passion project now known as Gotham Baseball. Back […]