Owners Of Thank You Cafe Are Hopeful A Brief Respite Will Fuel Business

Maribel Araujo and Andrew Field say the crisis could bring a new wave of customers

Venezuelan native Maribel Araujo and her business partner Andrew Field wanted to create a special kind of eatery when they opened Thank You Cafe on Beach 116th Street in October. The 700-square-foot cozy storefront with plenty of table-seating and comfort food galore invites patrons to settle in and enjoy the company while enjoying a coffee, pastry or one of the […]

Rockaway Remembers A Fallen Hero


Rockaway resident John Knox passed away on Monday, Mar. 16 from complications with coronavirus. Neighbors and friends remember the veteran fire marshal as a kind, sociable man who was always there for the members of the Rockaway community.  “He was like family,” said Norma Paniccioli, who’s lived next door to John and his wife Anne since 1997. “They brought me […]

Addabbo Health Center Weighs In On COVID-19 Crisis

On this week’s “Riding The Wave” podcast, I spoke with the CEO and Chief Medical Officer of the Joseph P. Addabbo Health Center (AHC), Dr. Miriam Vega and the AHC’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Veronica Wiltshire. The reason I wanted to do this podcast is that as an old school newspaper man I am cynical of mass-produced, assembly-line distributed news […]

St. John’s Episcopal Hospital Reassures The Community

After treating the peninsula’s very first case of the coronavirus, St. John’s Episcopal Hospital reached out to The Wave to assure the community that the hospital is open for business, and they are more prepared to treat the pandemic than ever before. According to Renee Hastick-Motes, the Vice President of External Affairs at the hospital, St. John’s has implemented an […]

Designer In The City

Pantry Organization

In the wake of our new reality..exploring the opportunity to organize our pantries

Countdown to Earth Day: Rockaway Youth Task Force

RYTF continues to excel in its advocacy efforts

Since its inception in 2011, the Rockaway Youth Task Force has been dedicated to making real change on the

A Mural Of Bygone Days

Belle Harbor Yacht Club preserves its history through art

Capturing the club’s heyday was McCann’s goal when he commissioned artist Lia Ali to create a mural for BHYC’s 115th anniversary

A Process That Just Doesn’t Work

Legislators take steps to circumvent DHS’ premature Rockaway Park shelter operations

Several local politicians and community activists joined forces on Thursday, March 12, slamming the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) for opening the homeless shelter

Down By The Jetty

Gimme The Cure

I paddled out this morning into glassy, chest-high waves. The sun had just risen and the water gleamed in hues of green, blue, and gold. The water has begun warming up already, and felt refreshing on my face. After sliding into a few waves and settling into the warm, satisfying ache in my muscles, I looked around and began to […]

SIT With John Roberts

Worry, Stress, Anxiety and the Coronavirus

In last week’s column on Negaholics, I ended it by saying that next week’s column will be on strategies to help with Negaholism. However, the ubiquity of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been topic # 1 on all the news outlets. I personally get my news from the New York Times online and in print each morning. In the evening I […]