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2019-12-27 E-Edition

Headed For The Future

Top 10 Front Pages Of The Decade

The last decade brought irrevocable change to Rockaway. Thanks to the strength of our community, we are building toward a resilient future. How we empower ourselves in the coming New Year could very well tell the tale of the 2020s. We cannot stop fighting until the fighting is done. Happy New Year, Rockaway.

Eight Nights Of Lights

Menorah lights up Beach 116th Street

Locals gathered on Beach 116th Street, to mark the first night of Hanukkah on Sunday, Dec. 22, commemorating the miracles performed during the Maccabean revolt against Israel’s Greek king. The electric-powered Menorah stood tall as Rabbi Matt Carl from Temple Beth-El recited the traditional blessing alongside Rabbi Marjorie Slome of West End Temple, captivating the crowd while providing some backstory […]

Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Unveiled

Departing Queens Borough President Melinda Katz ended her final year in office with the unveiling of a Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial wall in Elmhurst Park on Friday, Dec 20. The decade-long project on the northwest corner of Grand Avenue and 79th Street in Elmhurst, Queens was one of a kind seen in the boroughs representing not just a unique design but […]

Up To Scratch

“Sometimes there’s no way to get the upper hand without taking a few uppercuts,” – Curtis Tyrone Jones In the 2000s, the terrorist attacks tore at the heart of Rockaway. Those we lost are still remembered, and those that answered the call are still paying the price of that terrible day. The 2010s gave us Superstorm Sandy, which ripped away […]

A Plea For Tribute Park

Dear Editor: Please share this letter to Mr. Bernie Warnock, President, Friends of Tribute Park and the Friends of Tribute Park Board Members Dear Mr. Warnock, Last week I went into Tribute Park to review park restoration progress and schedule. In October I was commissioned to restore memorial plaques by the contractor who is restoring the park. I heard you […]

Georgina’s Bakery – A New Gem!

Dear Editor: Come one! Come all! Georgina’s Bakery is very new on 116 Street, near Claudette’s. I went in wanting a cake with writing for my Mother’s 95th Birthday. Behind the counter Josephine, the head lady, was so touched, she made up a free bag of cookies for Mom, “Wishing her well.” I can say the white-tiered cake was the […]

From the lawyer’s briefcase

NYC Construction Worker Accident at World Trade Center

A New York City construction worker was Injured while performing construction nork at the new 4 World Trade Center. The concrete worker was working as a form stripper at the construction of the new sixtyfour story commercial tower. The Construction Worker became injured when a four by four he was removing from the ceiling fell or slid down and struck […]

From the lawyer’s briefcase

How to keep Workers’ Compensation weekly benefits as high as possible for as long as possible after undergoing surgery

For injured workers who sustain serious injuries on the job, surgery may be recommended. In deciding whether to undergo surgery due to injuries sustained at work, the injured worker often faces a difficult choice: whether it is in their best interest to have a surgery that may improve their medical condition, but which will also result in a longer out […]