Fire At Dayton Towers

An all-hands fire tore through the fourth floor apartment of a family of four on Shore Front Parkway on Wednesday, March 22. FDNY trucks and emergency units lined a smoke-engulfed Shore Front Parkway at around 4:10 p.m., outside of the Dayton Towers building located at 102-00 Shore Front Pkwy., and FDNY personnel could be seen breaking through a window of […]

Pheffer Amato, Addabbo Blast DOE Decision

On March 8, elected officials, parents and students stood together to protest the co-location of a new charter school inside the Beach Channel Educational Q410 building. The Department of Education said it listened to the cacophony of voices against the move, but on March 22, its Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) voted to push it through anyway. It’s a decision […]

Ulrich Will Run For Re-Election, Not Mayor

Councilman Eric Ulrich will not be running against Mayor de Blasio in the 2017 NYC election. His decision to not run came shortly after federal and state prosecutors dismissed criminal charges pending for more than a year on de Blasio’s fundraising activity. “I realized after Mayor de Blasio’s charges were dropped that it would be an uphill battle to run,” […]

P.S. 253Q’s Students Are Making History

Students at P.S. 253Q are retelling history, not only through words, but with dance. In front of a packed auditorium filled with enthusiastic faculty members and proud parents, students used a variation of dance styles and instruments to celebrate Black and Women’s History at P.S. 253Q on Mar. 22. “In essence, dance and the arts allows them to be challenged […]

Jimmy Breslin Pulled The Curtain Back

Years from now, when historians tell the story of New York City, it’s very likely that the words of Jimmy Breslin will be prominent. Unlike many newspaper writers today, he didn’t just write about Manhattan and ignore the rest of the city. He dug deep to uncover the pulse of the people who lived and worked in the Big Apple. […]

Political Cartoon

Don’t Experiment on Animals

Dear Editor: Last week, the White House announced a budget preview that would reduce funding for the National Institutes of Health by nearly $6 billion. Considering that $28 billion is wasted every year on studies that can’t be reproduced, a reassessment of priorities is needed. NIH director Francis Collins has written, “Preclinical research, especially work that uses animal models, seems […]

Maintain Our Beautiful Boardwalk

Dear Editor: My husband and I moved to the Rockaways 10 years ago. We enjoy walking the boardwalk and riding our bikes. Residents that live in the Rockaways are allowed to have dogs but need to keep them on a leash. During our walks we have watched several people allow their dogs to walk without one. This allows the dogs […]

Disappointed In Ulrich

Dear Editor: Council Member Eric Ulrich’s decision not to run for mayor has left me hopeless. Another four years of de Blasio? The world is upside down. The guy in the White House may be a goofball, but at least he’d built a successful company. What the hell has this mayor done except spent millions of dollars on people who […]

Raise the Age of Criminal Responsibility Now


New York is one out of only two states that treats teenagers as adults in criminal court. It’s time to right that wrong. For decades, we’ve taken a one-size-fit all approach to prosecution, lumping in teenagers with adults. Presently, when 16- or 17- year-olds are arrested, they are sent to criminal courts and treated as if they were adults. This […]