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Bay Association Demands Resiliency

Takes City Agencies On Tour Of Arverne Flood Areas

The water from the bay was billowing on Beach 69th Street and Bayview Avenue and seemed to ripple as representatives from several city agencies toured the area on Friday, Jan. 13. The visit was organized by the Rockaway Bay Coastal Association’s Deborah Star Reed, in an effort to get the city to address the lack of resiliency. Reed, Selma Frey, […]

Water’s Edge Residents Fight Back

On Friday, Jan. 13, owners of the condominiums, Water’s Edge in Arverne stood in front of their ‘shoddily constructed’ city-financed dream of first-time homeownership for low and moderate income people and proclaimed it a nightmare. Council Member Donovan Richards stood in solidarity with the homeowners, asking the Briarwood Organization for one simple thing. “Just do the right thing,” said Richards. […]

Pheffer Amato Urges City to Keep Students at PS104Q Safe

Responding to concerns over lack of safety measures surrounding PS 104Q, grades kindergarten through fifth, in Bayswater, Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato is asking the city Department of Transportation to immediately conduct a thorough traffic study around the school and implement changes without delay. PS 104Q, on Mott Avenue between Bay 25th Street and Bay 28th Street, saw its enrollment expand […]

Book Your Block Party Today!

City Wants Street Permits Months In Advance

Sure, it’s pretty cold out, we haven’t even hit February yet, but if you are planning to have a block party this summer, you must comply months in advance with the strict NYC permit requirements. Community Board 14 says the Street Activity Permit Office (SAPO), which issues permits for street festivals, block parties, farmers markets, health fairs and other events […]

Political Cartoon

Checks and Balances

On Jan. 17,’s Political Director and Rockaway local Bob Hardt wrote the following: With Governor Cuomo poised to reveal his state budget numbers in Albany today, lawmakers in the State Senate are focusing on something else 150 miles away: the city’s grocery bag tax…Regardless of the merit of the legislation, it’s ridiculous that the State Senate is trying to […]

Replacing Obamacare

Dear Editor: With Republican Congress bent on depriving 22 million Americans of medical insurance, this is a great time to provide our own, totally free and totally effective health insurance – a plant-based diet. A study with 131,000 participants, in last year’s Internal Medicine, found that consumption of animal protein is associated with higher risk of death. A couple dozen […]

“Kinks” In Select Bus Service

Dear Editor: I’m a firm believer that our city and its different agencies’ planned projects sometimes have “kinks.” This was a statement made at a community meeting last week by a resident of Rockaway regarding Select Bus Service (SBS). “It can work and it will work, of course with everything that’s new you’re going to have some ‘kinks,’ that you […]

We Are All United

Dear Editor: We all know each community on the peninsula is unique. No matter what the appearance or where we live. We are all unified. There is no getting around this. We all drink water, eat food and need shelter. That is what unifies us. Celebrating unity is knowing all must work together for the highest good in life. We […]