Dump Trump

Ulrich urges Jamaica Hospital to remove real estate mogul’s name

Donald Trump is making quite a name for himself during his presidential campaign, but as Councilman Eric Ulrich sees it, that name should be removed from Jamaica Hospital’s Nursing and Rehabilitation Pavilion. Ulrich, who was born in Jamaica Hospital and who is chairman of the City Council Veterans Committee, says his fellow Republican’s comments regarding U.S. Senator John McCain are […]

DOE Says No Thanks To Community Policing

Danny Ruscillo, President of the 100th Precinct Community Council thought the least of his problems was finding a place to hold the festivities for the National Night Out Against Crime on Aug. 4. Then he found out the Department of Education had other ideas. According to Ruscillo, he reached out to the DOE in June to request the use of […]

Peninsula Library Set To Reopen

Sometime in late August, the Peninsula Library will become the last of the libraries in Rockaway to reopen its doors after it was completely destroyed by Superstorm Sandy almost three years ago. On July 20, as preparations continued for the reopening, staff said goodbye to, and wrote messages on the trailer that housed the temporary library during the long renovation. […]

Parking, Traffic Relief On Way?

Based on the traffic coming in and out of Rockaway, the crowds at the subway platforms and on the beach, this summer may prove to be the busiest to date. However, with great volume comes great demand on a crumbling infrastructure that is years out of date. Councilman Eric Ulrich and his staff organized a meeting on July 22 to […]

Too “Hot” To Handle?

When a bevy of media outlets from outside – and inside – Rockaway spent the buildup to the summer season by trumpeting the awesomeness of our beaches, we’re pretty sure the point was to encourage people to come here, right? Now that they are here, it seems a lot of people are saying it’s too much of a nuisance. Photos […]


Red Tape Nightmare

Dear Editor: In the early morning of Sept. 21, 2013, my 2000 Honda Civic was stolen from where it was parked in front of my residence at 221 Beach 80th St. I immediately reported the theft to the 100th Precinct. I also notified the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles and my insurance company, Allstate Insurance. In June 2014, (nearly 10 […]

A Reply To The Intern’s Take

Dear Editor: I have to say I for one could give two hoots about a flag as should other people (at least in my opinion). A symbol is just that, a symbol. I watch as people disrespect Old Glory and ignore her and nobody raises a stink. They scream freedom of speech as they burn the flag that so many […]

Get A Leash

Dear Editor: My husband and I moved to the Rockaways 10 years ago. We have waited nearly three years for the boardwalk to come back. We enjoy walking the boardwalk and riding our bikes. Residents that live in the Rockaways are allowed to have dogs but need to keep them on a leash. During our walks we have watched several […]

‘We Care’ About Domestic Violence

In a brave act of solidarity, a quiet, young child and her outspoken, emotional parent joined 10 other battered survivors to share their stories and bring each other support. The empowered men, women, and teenagers listened to guest speakers from the Queens Family Justice Center and Safe Horizon, who led the group in teaching them to recognize the signs of […]