Fatal Fare Fight

A fight over a dollar van fare turned deadly, leaving one driver dead and another facing murder charges. On Tuesday, Jan. 20, police sources say the alleged shooter, and the victim may have been competing for a fare when the altercation escalated on Rockaway Beach Boulevard. An eyewitness who was standing at the curb when it happened told The Wave, […]

Sanders, Students Attend Selma Screening

State Senator James Sanders invited local students and residents to attend a special screening of “Selma,” on Martin Luther King Day. In order to receive a free ticket to the special screening at the Jamaica Multiplex Cinemas movie theater on Jamaica Avenue, Sanders required adults to bring a child to the event as well. “There were so many that came […]

Trending The Wrong Way

The year is barely a month old, and three people have been murdered on Rockaway streets. The circumstances are different, but the end result is the same, and the solution is nowhere in sight. If you listen to the police commissioner and the mayor, they keep patting themselves on the back for the rapid drop in crime rates. In Rockaway, […]

Political Cartoon

What is RYTF’s Vision?

Dear Editor: I read with interest, Joanne Smith’s column regarding Arielle Newton of The Rockaway Youth Task Force. I too, would like to know; what is the mission of The Rockaway Youth Task force? If it is to truly “encompass local Rockaway youth between the ages of 15 and 25 to empower them through civic engagement and volunteer opportunities,” great. […]

Put Us On The Map

Dear Editor: Neither the mayor, the Economic Development Corporation (EDC), nor Seastreak did much to promote the Rockaway/BAT ferry service. So the ad “St. George; Sail Away From It All” posted in Rockaway (and published in The Wave), for the Staten Island Ferry was offensive. Please give us a break and put Rockaway on your map. The Rockaway/Bat ferry service […]

Wish List

Dear Editor: Constituents have their own New Year’s wish list for New York City Council members in 2015. The average salary for a New Yorker is $41,000 per year. A NYC Council members’ base salary is $112,500 plus bonuses, for what is officially designated as a part-time job. Virtually every member receives an additional lulu ranging from $4,000 to $28,500 […]

Plants Poor Idea

Dear Editor: I love Rockaway. Too bad the Parks Department planted rushes 10 rows deep, smack in the middle of the beach, from Beach 116th and on up, just short of Beach 126th Street. With the double fences, which they’ll probably remove for the summer, we lose a third of the beach. Not a good thing, when visitors come. But […]

Rethink LNG

Dear Editor: We need to stop the hard left hysteria and really evaluate the pros and cons of the Port Ambrose projcontinued ect. The Wave’s coverage (Jan. 9) was not fair and balanced in the least, which is a disservice to our community. The fact is that LNG is a viable energy source, which could go a long way in […]

Domestic Dispute Turns Fatal

An apparent domestic dispute left one man dead and led to the arrest of his girlfriend on Sunday, Jan. 18. Around 11:17 a.m. officers from the 100th Precinct responding to a call at an apartment on Beach 84th Street found an unconscious and unresponsive Troy Davis. Davis, 48, appeared to have been stabbed. EMS technicians called to the scene pronounced […]