Best Gift Ever

A towering yellow crane, visible for blocks around, rose above the rooftops of Belle Harbor on Friday, Dec. 19. Dangling from its heavy steel cables, looking like blue wrapped holiday boxes, were the component pieces of a new modular home at 533 Beach 127th Street. It replaces the Sandy demolished home of Peter and Debra Tighe. Once in place, each […]

So Long, Jill Weber

“The Department of Parks and Recreation has appointed a veteran administrator with more than a quarter century of experience to oversee the Rockaways,” The Wave announced in August, 2006, as Jill Weber took the helm as NYC Parks Administrator for Rockaway. Pictured on the boardwalk on her first day, she said, “You can’t build a more beautiful beach.” Eight summers, […]

The RCSP Reports

Each evening, the Rockaway Citizens Safety Patrol patrols Far Rockaway and Bayswater. They also collect and forward crime data to police, which allows the NYPD to effectively deploy resources and increase police presence where it is needed. Additionally, they send out information alerting residents to crime in the area. Here is their most recent report: Tuesday, 12/2 [BURGLARY] (FR): A […]

Vigil For The Fallen

Following the tragic shooting deaths of NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, several members of the Rockaway community wanted to show their support for the fallen officers and at the same time, show support for their local precinct. On Sunday, Dec. 21, people gathered on Rockaway Beach Boulevard, across the street from the 100th Precinct, to hold what one […]

Just Say No, Mr. Cuomo

There are some decisions that aren’t easy to make for certain elected officials. Then there’s Port Ambrose. The fact that Governor Cuomo is even waiting – or delaying — to make a decision on this highly controversial project is bordering on the ridiculous. As reported by The Wave’s Chris Viaggio, Cuomo only pushed for a ban on fracking only after […]

Political Cartoon

Disagreeing With An Opinion

Dear Editor, In reading a recent opinion article entitled “It’s Just my Opinion,” in The Wave, I came across some erroneous statements made by the author. The first one is her statement that our country was founded on Christian beliefs. The truth is this country was founded on the principles incorporating Judeo- Christian beliefs. Further, she states that Hanukkah is […]

So, About The President…

Dear Editor: I’m one of those “stupid voters.” In a few months, I will be 89 years-old, and though I am very reluctant to push the clock forward, I can’t wait to see the current tenant of the White House’s lease expire. In my opinion, President Obama is a shrewd, calculated individual who ascended to the Oval Office with an […]

Sony Baloney

Dear Editor: Seth Rogen was promoting his movie, The Interview on television two weeks ago when he was asked by an interviewer what it was about. As innocent as a newborn babe, Rogen said he and James Franco were reporters who were contacted by the CIA to kill Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The interviewer and this columnist were stunned, “Do […]

Take Our City Back!

Dear editor: Now, more than ever, New York City needs a true political leader! The cowardly leadership we currently have, along with their constant pandering to everyone’s needs in hopes of gaining future votes -instead of just standing up strong for that which is right and noble- is destroying a truly great city. We need an independent person with true […]