BP Katz to Mayor “Show Us The Money”

As details of a memo written by the NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver to the Mayor’s office were released by The Wave two weeks ago, several public officials have voiced their concerns about how it will affect the rebuilding of the Rockaway Boardwalk. In the memo, Silver wrote, “We continue to be concerned that it will be a political liability […]

Channeling Roosevelt

The Wave’s own Dan Guarino will be appearing as former president and famous New Yorker Theodore Roosevelt, at Friends of Maple Grove Cemetery’s Spirits Alive! historical walking tour on Saturday, October 11 from 2 to 5 p.m. Spirits Alive! will have more than 20 volunteer actors in period costume bringing to life the famous and lesser known residents of Maple […]

100th Precinct Warns Of Break-Ins

A recent rash of garage break-ins where thieves have been getting away with bicycles and electronics, has prompted the 100th Precinct to issue an alert to all residents. The precinct is asking anyone with any information on the breakins to call the 100th Precinct detectives at 718-318-4223 or the 100th Precinct crime prevention officer at 718-318-4233. They also note that […]

Fundraiser For Breast Cancer

All Seasons Retreat is having an October-long fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Their Rockaway Beach Studio at 181 Beach 116th Street, 2nd Floor, is also offering free yoga and Pilates classes to breast cancer survivors and patients throughout the month of October. Mind-Body fitness classes like yoga and Pilates are known to help heal the body, increase circulation, pump […]

Thou Shalt Not Covet

Last week, Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder proposed that charging a fee on the Staten Island Ferry for non-residents could create enough revenue to create permanent ferry service for Rockaway. The proposal was part brainstorm, and part frustration. The former is Goldfeder’s usual style, trying to solve a problem from as many different angles as possible. The latter is well-known to every […]

Rockaway Transit: Always An Adventure

Dear Editor: I was on a Far Rockaway-bound Atrain on Friday en route to visiting my family in the Rockaways. At 12:30 p.m., the train pulled in to Rockaway Boulevard Station where the conductor announced that service to the Rockaways was suspended indefinitely due to a “broken rail” between Howard Beach and Broad Channel. A broken rail? Sounds ominous. Would […]

Boardwalk Bunglers

Dear Editor: Sandy’s second anniversary is approaching. In case our politicians read, they might want to read this. The boardwalk from Beach 126th Street to Beach 108th is a street. Its street name is Ocean Promenade. If a street was devastated in any of the five boroughs (with the exception of Rockaway, the bastard stepchild of NYC), as a result […]

Storm Drain Danger

Dear Editor: I have read and heard extensively about the rebuilding of the boardwalk and the design of an impenetrable sea/baffle wall. However, I have yet to hear about the main cause of flooding during Sandy: the storm drains. The storm drains in the street dump directly into Jamaica Bay, thus with a storm surge of 13 feet, once the […]

Speed Camera Solutions?

Dear Editor: Speed cameras again. Most of us are not aware what the city of New York has done to shaft us, big time. They lowered the speed from 45 mph to 35 mph in many areas with absolutely no history of accidents, and then installed speed cameras. That is “in your face” corruption. They didn’t have to lower the […]

Take Back The MTA

Dear Editor: There is another alternative to obtain “Locals Call For Improved Bus Service” (Miriam Rosenberg — October 3). Elected officials continue to take credit when the MTA or any operating subsidiary such as New York City Transit would do a good job. When operational problems occurred or fare increases were needed — everyone could put up their hands. Don’t […]