Helping Rockaway ‘Round The Clock

24-Hour Build Celebrates AmeriCorps and Recovers a Home

By Lisa Schohl Suamy Blanco smiled as he pointed to the no-parking sign on the curb in front of his Beach 67th Street house. “You see that arrow?” he asked. “The water came up to there.” When Superstorm Sandy hit Rockaway, it set off a chain of challenges that would follow him and his family for the next two years. […]

Big Win For Broad Channel

The road for the island community of Broad Channel, weathering as it has — a history of high tide flooding and the devastation of Hurricane Sandy — has not been an easy one, but at last, it will be paved. “I’ve lived her for 20 years,” Channel resident Alison Kase said. “My husband has lived here all his life. We […]

Official Point Of View

While our community is dealing with daily battles to protect the quality of life, we mustn’t lose sight of those smaller issues that, although no less important, tend to be overlooked. Everybody, including myself, is fighting to be recognized as part of the city as a whole, for a permanent ferry service, for fair rebuilding requirements, an improved beachfront and […]

Goldfeder Says Stop The Stink

In response to a new report, which found the highest concentration of odor complaints located in multiple southern Queens and Rockaway neighborhoods, Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder has urged the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Emily Lloyd to step-up efforts to clean and remove all debris from catch basins, many that are now leaving a noxious odor in the air. “Our […]

Ferry Unbelievable

On Wednesday, Senator Charles Schumer announced enthusiastically on Twitter, “Staten Island’s ships have come in! Massive $191M federal investment in #Sandy Relief dollars for 2 new, ultra-modern Staten Island ferries.” The Wave immediately tweeted back, “Everyone in #Rockaway just had an aneurysm, Senator. They will lose their ferry service in less than 2 weeks.” The Wave was half-joking in its […]

Hello? People LIVE Here!

Dear Editor: I wanted to write about an annoying situation taking place outside my house on Beach 102nd Street. This morning we woke up to “No Parking” Tuesday and Wednesday, which most people blatantly ignored. Around noon the police were setting up street blockades in several locations including at the entrance to Beach 102nd Street. In addition to the blockade, […]

Ferry Good Sense

Dear Editor: The mayor might not care about the quality of life improvements that have been enjoyed by the thousands of New Yorkers from all five boroughs, thanks to the Rockaway ferry. After all, he’s probably never taken it. Maybe it’s hard for him to imagine the sense of calm and general well-being that a commute on the ferry brings, […]

A Word On Tribute Park Coverage

Dear Editor: It was surprising to see an article and photos about Tribute Park in Friday’s paper, 9/12/2014, page 16, so quickly after the Thursday, 9/11 ceremonies, but there were clearly sacrifices made in the quality of coverage to rush to press. Dan Guarino’s article was a succinct and accurate summary of both the morning and evening ceremonies, but the […]

Hundreds Turn Out For ASPCA Event

The gates were scheduled to open at noon, but many were lined up as early as 7 a.m. for the huge event thrown by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) last weekend. For several hours, the ASPCA made available free vaccinations, microchips, pet food (provided by Halo), animal blankets and more to pet owners on […]

New Supermarket For Edgemere

A block of stores in Edgemere that once included a small grocery store, a Chinese take-out, a check cashing store, a liquor store and even a beauty supply store will soon be torn down to make room for, among other things, a supermarket. It was Councilman Donovan Richards who started the efforts to revitalize the block. “Four years,” Richards said, […]