Eat Up!

Rockaway Beach Food Tour This Sunday

Tantalizing Thai treats, unique Uzbek cuisine, the ever popular pizza and even ice cream are just a few of the things that will tickle the taste buds of hundreds of people during the second Taste of Rockaway Beach event on this busy pre-summer weekend. On Sunday, May 4 from 12 to 6 p.m., all are welcome to try out foods […]

Ferry Update

So it’s May. What does that mean to ferry riders? Well, in January, when the Mayor and the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) announced they would be extending the ferry for three months, with an option to extend until August, we thought the arrival of this month might come with an announcement. Nothing doing. At the time of the January announcement, […]

Stringer Hears It

They came from Breezy Point, Neponsit, Howard Beach, Broad Channel, Far Rockaway, Hamilton Beach and even Red Hook and Canarsie. They drove and walked through flooded roads and rain that poured down so loudly that it sometimes drowned out the evening’s speakers. More than 200 people crowded into the Colony Theater in Breezy Point for a Sandy Oversight Town Hall […]

Memo from the RTC

Time To Start Mooning Over Buffalo

I walked into a rehearsal of the Rockaway Theatre Company’s upcoming production of the very funny “Moon Over Buffalo,” a play that I, a theater ignoramus, had never heard of before even though Carol Burnett got rave reviews when it opened on Broadway 20 years ago. There on the stage were Kim Simek and Steve Ryan doing a love scene […]

Who’s Who

John Gilleece, Rockaway Theatre Company

Tell us about yourself I have been Artistic Director for the Rockaway Theatre Company for 17 years, since our inception. I’ve lived in Rockaway as long as the theatre company has been around. I moved in from Brooklyn around 1996, 97. I have about 65 years of theatre experience. How did that come about? My identical twin brother and I […]

Participatory Vote On The Neponsit Home

Well, here’s an easy one to predict: there won’t be unanimous agreement about what to do with the hulking oceanfront eyesore, the former Neponsit Home. It’s a tough balancing act when decisions might have more impact on some than others. Do people who live right next door have more say than someone who lives two blocks away? Does someone two […]

Rockaway Pathway Needed

Dear Editor: (This letter was sent to Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder) Dear Mr. Goldfeder, First and foremost, I appreciate all you have done to help improve the quality of life in Rockaway post Hurricane Sandy. I have another request: Can a temporary pathway be constructed from Beach 116th Street to Beach 109th Street along the beach where the boardwalk used to […]

Charity Begins At Home

Dear Editor: Whoever said charity begins at home must never have been to Rockaway. Isn’t it great that Michael Konig runs a charity from a Belle Harbor home and the charity has more than $70 million dollars? And isn’t it great that he can write a check to that charity for $8 million dollars? Maybe we can ask Esther Konig […]

Claims Fed Law Is The Answer

Dear Editor: Here is something to give thought to. In 1982 the federal government handed Rockaway a gift, and if you believe in God a gift from heaven. Rockaway was declared a coastal zone boundary (CZB). What does that mean? A CZB is usually 300 feet inland from the high tide mark. In that area, city, state and federal laws […]

Respect For Memorial Circle

Dear Editor: I have long enjoyed the peace and beauty of the memorial park on Rockaway Beach Boulevard between Beach 120th Street and Beach 121st Street. As a child in the early 1960s, other little boys and I would race our tricycles around and around the semi-circle on the northern side of the boulevard. Later on, as a Cub Scout […]