Boardwalk Rebuild Begins

It’s been a long way back to the beach. With one year, five months and 23 days separating it from the storm that largely destroyed it, the Rockaway boardwalk is officially on its way back. In October, 2012, Hurricane Sandy ripped up and carried away large sections of the boardwalk, leaving whole segments scattered along storm-hit streets. Workers for Skanska, […]

Two Children Dead In Easter Weekend Fire

At a time when rebirth and renewal is celebrated, a Far Rockaway family now mourns for two 4-year-olds who died as a result of a fire late on Easter Eve on Bay 30th Street. And now, as grief takes hold, come reports that there was an apparent delay of 8 minutes in sending an ambulance to the scene. At 11:51 […]

Who’s Who

Annette Lord-Cohen, Community Board 14

Tell us about yourself. I used to live on the other side of Queens in Jamaica and then I lived in Hempstead when I was married. I was drawn to Rockaway because of the ocean. It was great to be able to get an affordable apartment right on the ocean. I love living out here. I live in Bayswater and […]

Give Seals Space

“Enjoy them, but enjoy them from a distance,” Richard Simon, Deputy Director of NYC Parks’ Urban Park Rangers said of Rockaway’s recent seal visitors. Rockaway has had some seals visit its beach recently, which has been a delight for residents who got a chance to see them. Simon encourages residents to take advantage of the rare opportunity to see wildlife […]

Hold The Applause

Well, the mayor got positive media coverage when he announced an overhaul of Build It Back. Various media outlets called his plan ambitious and sweeping. Our city council reps, Eric Ulrich and Donovan Richards, poured on the praise as well. Eric issued a statement praising the mayor for taking “the bull by the horns” and Donovan called it a “major […]

Political Cartoon

Build It Back Nightmare

Dear Editor: (To whoever might be able to stop the insanity?) Today April 21, I, my wife and daughter went to our second Options meeting. I was called on 4/9/14 by Elly from Build It Back and asked to schedule an options meeting, I scheduled the meeting for the following day and was assured all my paperwork was in order. […]

Baxter Goes To St. John’s

Dear Editor: Here is my experience at St. John’s Hospital over a five day stay. I was watching TV on Saturday night and about 9:30 I felt a pain in my side. Thinking little of it I figured it would go away but as the night turned into morning it was advancing rapidly into an excoriating pain which by now […]

Prayer Garden Suggestion

Dear Editor:(This letter was sent to Father Doyle atSt. Francis de Sales) Dear Father Doyle: We write to suggest a name change for the Prayer Garden located at Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach 129th Street, to the name of Father Mychal Judge Memorial Garden. On September 11, 2001, Mychal Judge, Chaplain of the City of New York Fire Department was […]

Celebrating 65 Years

Kitty and Bob Colleran of Rockaway Point have a lot of celebrating to do. Sixty-five years’ worth to be exact. On Thursday, April 17 they marked their 65th anniversary. The Colleran’s met when he was posted at the United States Coast Guard Station at what is now Riis Landing. They were married at the station, and moved to Rockaway Point […]