Flipping Us The Bird

Now Plovers Delay Boardwalk

This boardwalk rebuild is for the birds. People hoping for a quick rebuild are sure to have their feathers ruffled over the details of the timeline. According to the EDC and Parks, the boardwalk will be completed in approximately 40 months, with a target date of Memorial Day 2017. More than a third of that time, 15 months, will be […]

PS 106 In Harsh Spotlight

Not enough books; students watch movies instead of learning; no physical education, music or art; and a principal who goes missing. Those are some of the allegations reported in a New York Post article last Sunday. The charges leveled against PS 106 and its principal Marcella Sills in the January 12th article was enough to get Chancellor Carmen Fariña to […]

Slow But Gets A Go

While the timeline seems birdbrained the Community Board found enough good reasons to give approval to the construction and design of the new boardwalk at Tuesday’s board meeting. Among the highlights of the plan are the following: The boardwalk will be concrete and include baffle walls on the north side. The remaining concrete stanchions that survived Sandy will not be […]

Ferry Fight Is On

With the future of the ferry still up in the air and just two weeks to go before the ferry is scheduled to end, the fight is on. By January 31st, the ferry may be gone forever as it is only guaranteed until that date. New Mayor Bill de Blasio, the New York City Economic Development Corp. and SeaStreak have […]

Who’s Who

Jose Velez, Community Board

Tell Us About Yourself I grew up in a family of eight. I’m the only boy. The rest are girls. I come from a fairly talented family. I have two sisters that are actresses, one on TV and one on stage. One was a dancer. I have a sister that runs the Beacon program in Far Rockaway. I have a […]

What A Pair: HUD and Build It Back

If Build It Back is designed to frustrate, wear down, exasperate, and confuse then we should start spending some CDBG money on Gold Medals right now. Build It Back reps go to meetings and few people leave happy. Plenty of people leave with more questions than they arrived with. It’s time for Schumer, Gillibrand, Meeks, de Blasio and HUD Secretary […]


Streaking To A Halt …

Dear John To BIB

Dear Editor: I was inspired to write this to Build It Back after the Community Board meeting: Dear John, Honey, I am leaving you. It has been a whirlwind since last spring when I first heard your name. I was so enamored and so hopeful from the very first day that you agreed to meet me in July of 2013, […]

Attendance Counts

Dear Editor: I just wanted to write to wish The Wave a Happy New Year and share the following. Last night I attended the Community Board meeting and arrived at about 7:35 p.m. I was very pleased to see Mr. Eric Ulrich present but more surprising was that Mr. Donovan Richards was present! It was the first time I was […]

Horror Hotel

Dear Editor: I didn’t think it could happen, but the new refurbished $1.4 million (A/C in each room by the way) Rockaway Park Hotel has new tenants even more disgusting than before!! Drugged out and boisterous, they roam the block as loud as they want to be. All of the time and effort and money put into new storefronts won’t […]