Sandy Money Helping (Some)

Park Inn Getting 1.4 Mil

While homeowners await help from Build It Back, the city run program designed to assist homeowners recover from losses sustained from Sandy, New York State announced that it is handing out money to healthcare and social service providers and community-based organizations. Governor Cuomo’s office said 450 providers will be awarded $200 million of Sandy relief funds. Some of that money […]

Eric Edges Lew

Lew Simon was thisclose. With 70 percent of precincts reporting he was leading incumbent Eric Ulrich by 4 points. Queens County Clerk Audrey Pheffer, State Senator Joe Addabbo, and Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder joined Simon and his closest supporters at the Irish Circle on Tuesday night as election results rolled in. Victory was at hand. Until it wasn’t. Close to midnight, […]

The Sun Takes A Shine To Rockaway

Veterans Day: Remembering Veteran Volunteers

This Veterans Day, residents aren’t just paying their respects to the military members who dedicated their time on the battlefield and deployments abroad. They’re also remembering them for the work they did just a year ago in resident’s homes. Thousands of veterans were among the many volunteers that showed up to help after Hurricane Sandy. Team Rubicon, a nonprofit group […]

Sea Song Sculpture Unveiled

With songs, poetry, shared stories of Hurricane Sandy and even a fire dancer, the Sea Song commemorative sculpture was raised on Saturday, October 26th at the Hip Hop Community Garden at Beach 59th Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard. The sculpture, built from a variety of remnants left by the storm, was constructed by artists and interested community members over more […]

A Close Call

The Wave sat out endorsing in the City Council race. Donovan Richards on the east end was a walk in the park. He won with more than 90 percent and an endorsement wouldn’t have meant a thing. The Eric Ulrich and Lew Simon race was another matter. We were at odds with Eric on a number of issues. He was […]

Vote Hassle

Dear Editor: I’ve just returned from voting, and have to say how very upset I am. After moving my polling site at 120 Beach 19th Street (which has been the polling site for Ocean Park Apartments since the early 1970s) I ventured into my new site at 131 Beach 19th, JASA’s Senior Brookdale Village. Besides choosing what has to be […]

Agony of de Feces

Dear Editor: To the dog owners who walk their dogs under the el along Rockaway Freeway between Beach 87th Street and Beach 94th Street: I wanted to thank you all for the incredible dog feces garden that has been so diligently cultivated under the train. Every time I walk along there I can’t wait to see what new pile of […]

It’s About Our Rights

Dear Editor: A few months ago, my friend Jimmy was walking at night in an area of Rockaway “close to” where drug deals have been known to happen. He took a shortcut through an alley and found the police waiting for him at the other end. His “suspicious behavior” led to a stop and frisk. Once he showed his ID […]

A Call for Compassion

Dear Editor: Yesterday afternoon I went outside to do something in my yard, only to hear the screams and ranting of some woman across the street in front of Dr. Gelwan’s office at 122-20 Rockaway Beach Boulevard. Several neighbors were standing around, staring at this poor unfortunate woman who was enjoying just another day in the park! She continued her […]