Yes, There Will Be A Boardwalk

Plans To Be Revealed In September

Yes, there will be a boardwalk—or at least a boardwalk plan. The plan, being developed now, will be revealed when the Community Board meets in September. That, and other news was dispensed by Liam Kavanagh, Deputy Commissioner of New York City Parks in a visit to The Wave on Tuesday. To a significant degree, the Parks Department is using boardwalks […]

Plan to Bring Homeless to 116th on Hold

Local business owners were relieved to hear that another possible obstacle in their post-Sandy recovery may not be coming their way. After protests from residents and meetings with local politicians, Narco Freedom, the operators of the halfway house on Beach 116th Street, has decided to halt plans to bring back 40 homeless people to the old Rockaway Park Hotel. At […]

Rockstock Is On

Ed Shevlin’s Flag Campaign

This year Rockaway Sanitation worker Ed Shevlin decided to honor Flag Day, Friday, June 14th, in a whole new way. “When I went out on my route, I was thinking I would see flags in the garbage. We get them every day.” That day he decided to do something about it. “I took a picture of a flag in the […]

Addabbo Opens New Office

Stop FEMA Now

Most of Rockaway will end up in the costly A Zone when flood maps are finally adopted. If you’ve got a basement you could be looking at a flood premium of somewhere between $10,000 to $30,000 per year. If you have a mortgage and weren’t required to carry flood insurance before and now you’re in the A Zone the banks […]

Help Save The Ferry!

Dear Editor: I want to alert every resident that our $2 ferry from Beach 108th Street and Beach Channel Drive is scheduled to end July 12th. This is the first form of transportation we have ever had that takes us from Rockaway to downtown and midtown Manhattan in well under an hour. At Wall Street there are a flock of […]

Beach Gripes

Dear Editor: The TrapBags are ugly. I hope they will provide the protection that Parks Department says they will but let’s not settle for something that looks like Hefty trash bags piled up after a Sanitation strike. Couldn’t they have installed sand colored bags? The bags are also set up right at where the boardwalk was. Well when they start […]

SBA Headaches? Call Your Reps

Dear Editor: This info is for anyone who has taken or turned down an SBA Loan. I know there are quite a few of us. I have called all of our elected officials to request a rep at one of the local offices who can release insurance checks. As of now you must send them to Alabama to be endorsed […]

Boyleing Points

Hardware Reunions

It used to be that you’d run into Rockaway people on vacation at Windham or Marco Island or locally at Waldbaum’s. Now you’ll run into Rockaway people at Lowe’s. Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond and any home furnishing place within an hour’s drive. You might avoid one Home Depot like the plague because the customer service stinks. You might […]