FEMA Flip Flops

(Because FEMA is so exasperating we again take to the front page for our editorial) The Wave ran a front page headline in April regarding FEMA and Flood Maps. The bold letters across the page shouted: Great News! Maybe. We were right to add “Maybe” because don’t look now, FEMA has thrown Rockaway another curveball. FEMA has issued new flood […]

Town Hall Frustrates Some

St. Francis de Sales Church in Belle Harbor filled with people on Monday evening, June 10th hoping to learn about the City’s Build It Back program, the name for the City’s plan to spend $720 million dollars of Sandy relief money for housing recovery. The town hall meeting was hosted by Congressman Gregory Meeks who began by presenting a Congressional […]

Viva La Volleyball!

Addabbo Center Closing Causing Stress

Although many say there is now a greater need for mental health services following the traumatic events of Hurricane Sandy, the Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center’s mental health clinic and Children’s Day Treatment center (CDT) will close by June 30th. The closings will leave many clients and children seeking new locations and employees searching for new jobs. At the […]

We Will Not Retreat

Soon after the Storm, Mayor Bloomberg announced the formation of the Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency (SIRR). He selected a team to devise a plan to rebuild communities and improve citywide systems and infrastructure. The SIRR team went to work gathering information, consulting with experts across fields, and meeting with community groups. The work went on for months and […]


Come Down For The Day

Dear Editor: Recent issues of the Wave have included discussions about the phrase “down for the day.” Some residents feel the term reflects a negative view of visitors. There is an implication that Rockaway residents “own” the beach and visitors are intruders. Other writers report that the term is just a descriptive phrase and not meant to sound unwelcoming. I […]

Vote For The Double Dunes

Dear Editor: Recently, the Rockaway Beach Civic Association voted unanimously to approve Walter Meyer’s “Dune Forest” pilot proposal which includes a boardwalk between Beach 87th and Beach 97th Streets. This proposal needs to be approved so that the work of building the Dune Forest with boardwalk can be started immediately. As the First Deputy NYC Parks Commissioner stated at the […]

Just Wondering

Dear Editor: Couple of things on my mind: Can the Parks Department please explain why when it’s rainy and nasty weather the lifeguards have to sit on their chairs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. There is absolutely no one on the beach and certainly not swimming and these young people are sitting there getting soaked. This happened last Friday […]

High Praise For PS 114

Dear Editor, For years there has been an open secret about an elite school named Ps/Ms 114 The Belle Harbor School. Our daughter Princess is graduating after being lucky enough to spend six years in this wonderful school. The first time we saw the building we were in awe of the regal structure. It reminded us of a castle. We […]