Ahead Of Schedule

“A” TRAIN Rolls Again

All aboard! The A Train is coming back. Although criticized by riders for many years, the A Train was sorely missed by those commuters who have had to spend the last seven months seeking alternative means of transportation. Although the MTA had issued statements that the line would not reopen until mid- June at the earliest, the line is now […]

Schumer Fighting Flood Premiums But…

“Flood insurance is a mess.” In a visit to The Wave on Monday, Senator Charles Schumer echoed the sentiments of homeowners throughout the area who’ve just learned in recent weeks they could be facing flood insurance premiums of $9500 a year or more. As The Wave reported previously, in an attempt to put the National Flood Insurance Program on better […]

Rally For A Boardwalk

Friends of Rockaway Beach, a local group formed to push for beach replenishment and protection, will hold a rally in the parking lot at Beach 94th Street at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 19th. The group is demanding that the boardwalk be rebuilt immediately. They will have a banner demanding action and will seek the signatures of supporters.

Lew Is Running

Democratic District Leader Lew Simon will challenge Republican Eric Ulrich for a city council seat in November. “We need leadership. I didn’t see any leadership after the storm. And I still don’t see any leadership. People of Rockaway and Howard Beach, all we get is lip service” Simon said. Simon made the announcement at the Good Government Democratic Club on […]

Lifeguard Stations Or Motor Homes

HESCO Barriers

HESCO Concertainers are one of many possible methods that are being considered to protect the post-Sandy peninsula. Rockaway resident Joe Hartigan is a big HESCO barrier proponent. Hartigan considered himself to be one of the lucky ones after Sandy. He had little water damage to his house and had heat, hot water, TV and his basement gutted within the first […]

Mayor And Quinn Announce Free Ferry Service

The headline didn’t fool you, did it? Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced a free ferry, all right, but you knew it wasn’t for Rockaway. No, the new ferry which will launch on Memorial Day weekend is for Red Hook, Brooklyn. It’s a weekend special service so tourists and Manhattanites alike can get easy access to Red […]


Money For All

There’s an old expression Follow The Money. You’ll need more than an Atlas and a GPS to follow all the roads to Sandy relief money. When the Sandy bill was passed there was a lot of talk about “this time it’s different” as far as protecting and rebuilding Rockaway. Well, we’re starting to hear about more and more things being […]

Disgrace For Sure

Dear Editor: It’s about time someone wrote something about Riis Park. Disaster is right! They obviously have a business model that says close all buildings and let nature take over. It must be great to be the business manager at Gateway. All he has to do is order mothballs! RONALD CROZIER