Terror Thugs Are ‘Smaller Than Life’

Belle Harbor Couple At Gitmo Trial

A Belle Harbor couple spent the day on a piece of tropical island called Guantanamo Bay on Saturday, May 5, but they were not there for a quick holiday getaway or a vacation. Instead, Belle Harbor residents Christine and Cliff Russell were visitors to the famed American naval base on the island of Cuba to witness something they have been […]

Cut The Ribbon For New Ryan Visitor Center

93rd Anniversary Of NC-4 Flight Celebrated

It has been 93 years since Rockaway saw three Navy flying boats leave Jamaica Bay for their historic trans- Atlantic flight. The following is an excerpt from my unpublished manuscript on the NC-4’s journey: Thursday, May 8, 1919 All crew members were on edge while they were waiting for information about the weather along the east coast. When Towers received […]

Make The National Park Our National Park

Sometime this summer, the National Park Service will issue its ten-year management plan for Gateway National Recreation Area, what we all euphemistically know as “Gateway.” There will be public hearings on the plan and locals will have a chance to comment on all the social media outlets. However, the bottom line is that, in the past few years, the park […]


The Cross Bay Bridge Strays

Dear Editor, I would like to bring to your attention what some may consider a minor matter, but what seems to me an unnecessary cruelty, even if it’s on a small scale. I am a Bridge and Tunnel Officer employed on the Rockaway bridges. I’ve worked both at Cross Bay and at the Marine Parkway Bridge, though I’m currently stationed […]

Towing In Far Rockaway

Dear Editor, The parking lot in downtown Far Rockaway at the Mott Avenue train station has seen a lot of towing by B&M towing. It seems that this parking lot, which has the Capital One bank, the Thriftway drugstore and a couple of other businesses, is owned by a woman who has decided to allow this towing company, which is […]

Occupy Nutcases

Dear Editor, I was at the May Day march in NYC yesterday and was moved and inspired. There were all kinds of people, of all races and ages. I was with the groups for 4 hours from 3:30 until 7:30 when I couldn’t get past Canal Street. It was sidewalk to sidewalk from Union Square to Wall Street. I wonder […]

Underage Drinking In Breezy Point

Dear Editor, The incident that occurred on May 5 at the Reyes family home is not the first and won’t be the last arrest in Breezy Point for underage drinking. I know of at least two incidents where parents were arrested for underage drinking in Breezy Point in the past. Of course, the details never made headlines due to the […]

Thanks Wave

Dear Editor, I want to thank The Wave for covering my campaign for the Democratic nomination to represent the new 5th Congressional District, which includes the entire Rockaway Peninsula. It is now official that my name will appear on the ballot on June 26, marking the first time Gregory Meeks will face a primary challenge since taking office in 1998. […]