It’s The Money

PHC Staff Charges Betrayal, Greed

The auditorium at PS/MS 114 in Belle Harbor is usually filled with the laughter and music typical of young children. On Thursday evening, August 4, however, the auditorium was filled with cries of “traitor” and “criminal” as hundreds of local residents and Peninsula Hospital Center staff members and doctors, many of whom live in Rockaway, excoriated Medisys, the giant health […]

New East End Park Almost Ready For Its Close-Up

Annual Broad Channel Labor Day Parade 9/5

This year, the annual Broad Channel Labor Day Parade steps off on Monday, September 5. The event is set to begin at the neighborhood’s community park, go up Cross Bay Boulevard, and loop back down. The parade, sponsored by the Broad Channel Athletic Club, promises to be a fun conclusion to summer 2011. Amid the floats and flags, politics will […]

Why Not Bankruptcy Instead Of Closure?

There are several troubling questions arising from the plan to close the Peninsula Hospital Center, a vital link in the wellbeing of Rockaway residents. Several years ago, St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in Far Rockaway went through many of the problems faced today by PHC. Taken over by the Episcopal Health System, the hospital filed for bankruptcy and was reorganized under […]


Sign The Contract

Dear Editor, Your husband is on strike, what do you do? My husband is on strike at Dayton Beach Park. He goes 7 days a week, 10 – 12 hours a day. I work all week and when he gets home he’s too tired to do anything but close his tired eyes. What do you do when the only day […]

Positive Recovery

Dear Editor, I would like to share with you, and the residents of Rockaway, the very positive experience I recently had during my month-long stay at Promenade Rehabilitation Center. I had never been in any type of rehab prior to this past May, and I was unsure of which one to choose. I was certain that I made the right […]

Dayton Beach Park Is Fine

Dear Editor, I never write into your paper but this time I had to. The authors of some of the letters have got to be comedians telling a joke or just plain crazy. I read in your paper this week the letters from LUCIE LIMONGELLI and JOANNE SMITH on this maintenance strike. Let’s just say Denial ain’t just a river […]

Expose and Eject

Dear Editor, Now is the time to filibuster, to force a separation of the Debt Extension from the economic bashing of all nonrich Americans. Now is the time for you, and others encouraged by you, to expose and eject Barack Obama from the ranks of Defenders of the people! STEPHEN WOLF

Sanitized History Is Boring History

Dear Editor, One of the stories that my teacher taught about Abraham Lincoln was that he was a good horse trader. One day another horse trader made a bet with him that he could make a better bargain than old Honest Abe. They both agreed to bring their worst horses and make a trade of them and see who got […]