Striking Hostility

‘Security Draws Firearm On Striking Workers’

More than a week into their strike against the Dayton Beach Park board of directors, unionized maintenance workers called upon the police to intervene on Wednesday morning as a private armed security guard allegedly pulled a firearm on the group outside the complex. The scuffle took place in front of 8600 Shore Front Parkway sometime Wednesday morning as a private […]

Wounded Warriors Take Rockaway By Storm

Local Firefighters Appear On Reality TV Show

When you’re flipping channels this summer, don’t be surprised if you see some familiar faces. Kevin Coursey, Mike Eagan and Rob Keiley, firefighters and Rockaway natives, are competing in the new ABC reality TV show “Expedition Impossible,” which premiered on June 23 and will broadcast a total of 10 episodes, all appearing at 9 p.m. every Thursday. The program, the […]

Bring Them Home And Put Everybody To Work

There is a way to cut spending and ensure a job for every American who wants to work. Can’t be done, you say. Here’s how to do it. Bring all of our servicemen and -women home and use the money saved to fund a new Works Progress Administration (WPA), an agency built on the successful model used by President Franklin […]


A-Line Express Mess

The following letter was sent to the MTA’s A-Line Manager, Herbert Lambert. Dear Editor, The A-Train (express) mess at the Rockaway Park station just continues to frustrate straphangers. I stopped taking 7:39 a.m. A-express Train from Rockaway Park station because of its unreliability. Few times in the last two weeks (June 14 and 29), I decided to take a chance […]

Thanks To Knight

Dear Editor, On June 21, 2011 I was riding my bicycle on Shore Front Parkway when I went down. While I am trying to get the bike off me and getting myself together, I look up and there is my knight in shining t-shirt. He was a cab driver who saw me and stopped to help. I do not know […]

Weiner Complaints

Dear Editor, After reading Ms. Richardson’s comments in your 1 July paper, one would conclude that Congressman Weiner is a terrific person. He likes our schools and firehouses, he wants the elderly and middle class to stay in New York and he does not like the filthy rich. Oh, and it is the bad Republicans that caused all of our […]

Broad Channel In Days Gone By

Dear Editor, Why I could walk down the boulevard and say “Hello” to everyone, now forget it. All new people or perhaps grandchildren or great grandchildren of the people I remember. Some of them even have the same names. Do you remember Gus Brudermann? He owned a restaurant between 15th and 20th Road, east side on the boulevard called “Gusses’ […]

Looking For Residents

Dear Editor, I am a history teacher at the Beacon School, a public high school in Manhattan, and I will be teaching a New York City history class to seniors this fall on the history of the West 60s and San Juan Hill. I am particularly interested in having my students interview people who lived in the neighborhood before Robert […]