Sexting Stupid

Rockaway residents spent some time late Monday afternoon transfixed by the television screen as their Congressman, Anthony Weiner, told the world that he sent pervy pictures of himself to at least six women over the Internet and on his Blackberry phone and then lied about it to the public for several days until the case against him became so compelling […]

School Staff Demands Ouster Of Principal

Floyd Bennett Plays Host To Pow Wow

Brooklyn-based Redhawk Native American Arts Council held their annual New York City Native American Pow Wow last weekend at Floyd Bennett Field. Hundreds of people came out to celebrate Native American culture through arts, food, music, performance, games and commerce. The Redhawk Native American Arts Council is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1994 and maintained by Native American artists and […]

Cut Technology, Consultants, Not Teachers

Two City Council members, Speaker Christine Quinn and Finance Chair Domenic Recchia, recently took a long and detailed look at the mayor’s budget proposal that would cut thousands of teachers from the city payroll for the next school year. Staff members for the two legislators went over the school budget line by line and item by item and came up […]


Saddened And Discouraged By ‘Weinergate’

The Wave has supported Congressman Anthony Weiner in his past elections because we believed in him, that he was one politician who knew what he wanted and told the plain truth. Like many other constituents, we are now saddened and discouraged by Weiner’s admission that he had Blackberry sex with several women, even at the time he was beginning married […]

Building Kingdoms

Dear Editor, I write in response to Paul Garcia’s letter in which he admonishes me about the Br. Thomas Trager matter. First of all, Mr. Garcia referred me to the Ten Commandments; in particular, the eighth or ninth depending on the religion one practices. I assume he meant the commandment about “not bearing false witness against thy neighbor.” Mr. Garcia […]

Still More On Israel

Dear Editor, There is still more to “What The President Got Wrong” (Weiner Writes From Capital Hill — May 27). President Obama calling for Israel to consider returning to pre-1967 borders as a basis for negotiations with Palestinians made no sense. Even worse was Weiner’s colleague — neighboring Queens Congressmember Gary Ackerman who said about Obama’s comments “a strongly pro-Israel […]

The City’s Joke

Dear Editor, After the unofficial opening weekend of summer, Rockaway beaches were left a filthy mess by the visitors who packed on buses, in their cars and on the A train to wreak havoc on our surf and boardwalks before returning home. Packs of unruly teens roamed the streets and sand harassing business owners, and the women and children trying […]

No Respect For Vets

Dear Editor, I was quite upset yesterday, Memorial Day. It seems that every one has a busy life and can not take time out to say thank you. I stood proud….all alone…at Beach 116 Street. The parade that went down Rockaway Beach Boulevard was a very nice parade. It had members from the Daniel M. O’ Connell Post, Jewish War […]