Staff: PHC Taking Money

Using Deductions To Pay Bills

Staff members at the Peninsula Hospital Center in Arverne have charged the hospital’s administration with taking their money earmarked for things such as payment to life insurance annuities and AFLAC payments and using the money to pay bills rather than for the staff members’ account. In addition, union officials say, the hospital center has reneged on a deal cut late […]

BCD Sinkholes Need Emergency Repairs

Local elected officials and representatives from multiple city, state and federal agencies met this week to address the stability of a section of Beach Channel Drive in Belle Harbor that has partially collapsed. Congressman Anthony Weiner held a press conference along Beach Channel Drive on Tuesday morning and addressed the continuing problem of sinkholes opening along the peninsula’s main thoroughfare. […]

Parade A Little Less Grand This Year

The pipes will still play and the drums will still beat, but the Rockaway St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be a little less grand this year, thanks largely to a 2010 ruling by Mayor Michael Bloomberg that all city parades and festivals be cut in duration in order to save muchneeded overtime money. That administrative ruling said that no parade […]

Going Bonkers Over Bullying

Wave editorial cartoonist Elgin Bolling says he was bullied as a child and wanted to do more than simply point a finger at the subject, denounce it and move on. “Bonk!” is a cartoon-illustrated short story e-book about a baby troll who grows up to be a bully, only to realize in the end that his actions have serious consequences. […]

Who Speaks For Rockaway?

The Wave has asked this quintessential question again and again over the past 25 years, generally at times when somebody from outside the peninsula comes along to tell Rockaway residents what they should be doing to make the peninsula a better place in which to live. While the question is clear, the answer to the question has always been somewhat […]


A Short Letter On John Baxter

Dear Editor, I like John Baxter’s letter (to President Barak Obama). An uprising of the American people over the economy, or at least a strong and powerful political protest, does not sound at all far-fetched to this Obama supporter. Hope my letter is not too short to print. MAUREEN MCNELIS

Schwach is Correct

Dear Editor, Howard Schwach is correct in his article on February 11, 2011. The unions are being made the scapegoat by the mayor. Union workers, whether they are police, courts, fire or sanitation, have worked weekends and are away from their families. The overtime they receive is well deserved. Teachers put in longer hours to help children get a good […]

Bloomberg’s Shoes

Dear Editor, Two months ago I read with interest in several newspapers that the mayor owns only two pairs of shoes. Recently, I read where he stuck his foot in his mouth while insulting the Irish. Also recently I read and heard from various news outlets that the mayor is looking to steal the Variable Supplement Fund from retired police […]

A Life Of Miracles

Dear Editor, My stepfather’s, Morris Sorid’s, 100th birthday is actually February 28 and was acknowledged a bit early. It should be noted that Morris led a remarkable life full of joys and tragedies. In your article (page 55) he is pictured holding the book he authored, “One More Miracle.“ The memoir details his experiences during the Holocaust. Having lost his […]