The Rockaway Beat

Do You Really Want Business People Making Educational Decisions?

I don’t understand how anybody could believe that the business model is the best way to manage schools or that business people are best-equipped to make the educational decisions necessary to make a school successful. I mean, look around you. The business people who run the medical service companies have declared war on the new health care bill, raising prices […]

Historical Views of the Rockaways

An aerial view of Hammels…1995… Rockaway Beach, N.Y.

With JFK Airport, Broad Channel, Jamaica Bay, and the IND Rapid Transit Line in the background, the foreground gives us a bird’s eye view of the old Hammels section of Rockaway Beach, which is now referred to as part of the New Rockaway Beach Section (as the Post Office and others would have it). The old Hammels section stretched from […]

The Diary Of A Green Thumb

Scarecrows, Corn Stalks, Bails Of Hay … Halloween Is Right Around The Corner

October is the official start to the fall season. The trees turn from their lush green of summer to an array of colors, each more magnificent that the next. The landscape seems to take on a more distinct, larger than life appearance. Each tree’s color stands out and makes the landscape breathtaking. Reminds us how amazing Mother Nature truly is […]

School Scope

The Inconvenient Truth Behind ‘Waiting for Superman’

If you are in any way involved in education, or even if you are not, many of you have been seeing the bombardment of hype for the Davis Guggenheim film, “Waiting for Superman,” a film that lauds charter schools over public schools, enforces the myth that failure of students and schools should be laid at the feet of teachers and […]

Broad Channel Bits

It’s officially fall and a touch of change is on the tree leaves. While it is a bit cooler here, it is approximately 10 degrees below our temperature on the same day in the city of Chicago. In places upstate — especially near the mountains — it gets dark earlier than here; it is cooler and leaves are further along […]

It’s My Turn

Jim Kelly, a former New York City Detective, currently lives in Wilmington, NY. He was on duty on the tragic day of Sept. 11, 2001. He retired in July 2002 after completion of twenty years of service. There is a moment of serious thought on the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, as many still cannot comprehend what had happened on […]

From The Artists Studio

The Life Within Wood

Robin Pogrebitskiy was a unique artist and a rare human being. “Robin’s Garden,” as his studio and workshop was dubbed, was a staple of RAA’s sTudio 7 Gallery – even before it was “sTudio 7 Gallery.” On the hottest days and the coldest, he came to carve his wood, transforming it into wondrous, phantasmagoric creatures, people and objects of nature. […]

Simon says…

Why have I not heard from you? As I walk and talk in my district, the residents of Rockaway, Broad Channel and Breezy are serious about restoring the rebate program on the Cross Bay Bridge for local residents. But I have still not heard from you. Why have you not called? We have our big protest rally on Tuesday October […]

The Inner Voice

Never give up. Sometimes we may be discouraged or unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and just give up. Life shows us that it is never over till it is over. I am not talking of making things or relationships work after they have already died. I mean caring about important projects for ourselves that […]

Spotlight on Elderlaw

The basic estate planning documents include the Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy, which are in effect during one’s lifetime, and the Last Will and Testament, which has legal effect upon one’s death. In addition to these basic documents, people who own real estate and have other assets (bank accounts, real estate) should be familiar with how Trusts can […]