BC American Legion Goes To Boys State

The Broad Channel American Legion Post 1404 hosted an orientation for 15 teenage boys from public and private high schools in Queens. The group will attend Boys State at SUNY Morrisville in a week-long program, sponsored by the American Legion. Boys State, now in its 71st year, teaches young men about the intricacies of the Democratic process, two party-system and […]

PS 106 Celebrates Annual Book Swap

Students at PS 106 prepared for the summer by choosing books for summer reading at the 18th Annual Book Swap. The event, initiated by Reading Specialist Miriam Baum, affords PS 106 students the opportunity to acquire new books for free. Over a period of several weeks, students brought in appropriate books which were collected and arranged by grade and reading […]

PS/MS 105 Celebrates End To Violence

PS/MS students in grades 5, 6 and 7 assembled in the auditorium to celebrate peace and to promote the “Stop the Violence, Safe Summer Theme,” on Tuesday, June 24. The assembly program opened with students parading down the aisles holding signs with slogans such as Stop the Violence, Value Your Life, Save the Children, Peace Starts With Me and Don’t […]

Free Summer Lunch On Tap At Public Schools

The New York City Department of Education has announced that the annual Summer Meals Program providing free meals throughout the summer to New York City children ages 18 and younger will begin on Friday, June 27, and continue through Friday, August 29. For the first time, free breakfast and lunch will be served at food pantries and even the Brooklyn […]

It’s My Turn

July Fourth And The Purple Heart

Rockaway resident Stephen Yaeger is a frequent contributor to The Wave as the columnist for Drawing On Science For Children. He is also a talented children’s author and artist. My wife and I, together with friends, took a trip to Vermont at the beginning of June. Our first stop was Queechee, Vermont to see Queechee Gorge known as the “Grand […]

Making Waves

The End Of Innocence

In 2006, the South Carolina State Senate passed legislation that made repeat child rapists eligible for the death penalty. A similar Louisiana law let prosecutors seek the death penalty for rapists of children younger than 12. However, on June 25, 2008, both were struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in a narrow 5-4 decision. To the dismay of many, […]

The Rockaway Irregular

Taxing Matters

In the wake of State Senator Joe Bruno’s abrupt retirement announcement, leadership in the State Senate has passed to Nassau County Senator Dean Skelos. The State Senate, of course, is one of our two state legislative houses and one part of the tripartite management of state affairs that has been characterized for decades as rule by “three men in a […]

Notes On Consumer Affairs

It happens every summer. As the temperature rises, so does your utility bill. With energy costs on the rise, this trend is even more pronounced. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, almost forty-five percent of a homeowner’s utility bill goes to heating and cooling, but by implementing a few energy-saving measures, you can cut your energy bill […]

Looking Backward

What The Wave Said 20 Years Ago… Delores Brown’s hands were severed Saturday night or early Sunday morning, June 25-26, with an axe, not a machete as daily papers reported. Negotiations are underway at three locations in Rockaway for a surge of retail activity, reliable sources informed The Wave as this newspaper went to press. Airman David D. Williams, son […]

Broad Channel Bits

Family Day Coming July 26

It’s July already! Wow, that was fast. The Fourth of July weekend is here. Hopefully, the weather will not be wet, so everyone can enjoy the weekend as he/she sees fit. If it’s hot, a lot of kids will splash around in their backyard pools. Of course, some folks don’t do too well in the heat and will retreat to […]