Rockaway Residents Graduate From CNR

The College of New Rochelle (CNR) held its commencement exercise on Thursday, May 22 at Radio City Music Hall. The 1,400 graduates included 17 individuals from CNR’s Brooklyn Campus’ Far Rockaway Extension Site.

Public School/Middle School Students Soak Up Army Corps Workshop

A team of Corps biologists and engineers held several workshops for PS/MS 43 students along the boardwalk behind their school. The workshops allowed students who live and attend school in the Rockaways to become aware of the marine life on the peninsula. During the Dredging Workshop, Douglas Leite, Project Manager, N.Y. District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, informed students about […]

MacLeod Earns Doctoral Degree

Parents,Students And Teachers Make Education Happen

Although it was not a school sponsored experience, during spring recess three members of Beach Channel High School, Ms. Margaretann Bianculli, Nijer Osbourne and I, went to Southern Utah to volunteer at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. What was to be a field trip for students, to associate classroom activities with the real world, became a life altering experience for two. […]


'Iron Man' - Solid

Hollywood took a big risk, casting actor Robert Downey, Jr., as the lead in its new mega-million-dollar superhero franchise, “Iron Man.” But judging by the spectacular results at the box office ($104 million opening weekend), the gamble is paying off. Several years ago, Downey was virtually uninsurable and unemployable as an actor, what with his chronic relapsing into drug rehab […]


If you are looking for Geraldine Chapey’s column, "Chatting With Chapey," you probably will not see it for a while. The Wave’s editorial board has suspended her column until she answers some questions about her non-profit senior citizen van service, for which she has received more than $1,000,000 in city funds over the past dozen years or so. We have […]

Broad Channel Bits

Moving Past Memorial Day

The Memorial Parade this past Sunday was well-attended. A good number of people lined the boulevard to watch the parade. With politicians, BCVFD, the American Legion, VFW, and auxiliary taking part in the parade, the line of march moved smartly toward the north end of the community. It was a beautiful day, and the marchers (and onlookers) had very comfortable […]

Drawing On Science For Kids

A Rock You Find On The Beach Is Most Likely An Alien

Rocks you find anywhere most likely came from elsewhere. And it wasn’t even the same shape or size originally. Either it was transported by someone to the place you found it, or it got there by a force of nature. In Central Park there’s a structure called Cleopatra’s Needle. It neither belonged to Cleopatra of Egyptian pharoah fame, nor is […]

From The Artists Studio Rockaway Artists Alliance

A Blossoming Artist And Russian Folk Dolls

“Russian Folk Art: Rag-baby Festival,” is an exhibit that allows the viewer to experience traditional, hand-made Russian folk crafts. This project, brought to this country for the first time, is a result of the collaboration of the Russian ethnographic organization, Paraskeva, and the Russian Ethnographic Museum. Included in the show are dolls from the museum collection, costume dolls and photographs […]

From the Editor’s Desk

Abject Failure Of Far Rockaway's Black Leadership

If the recent spate of shootings and homicides in Far Rockaway prove anything, they prove the abject failure of the black leadership. It is an honor role of shame. City Councilman James Sanders, Jr. State Senator Malcolm Smith. Assemblywoman Michelle Titus. Congressman Gregory Meeks. NAACP President Ed Williams. Young black people die and they prevaricate and play politics. They promise […]